Posts By: Jacob Charles

Uncertain times

David Needham considers the impact of COVID-19 on the physical security industry and identifies where support can be provided, backed by technology The enduring effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have yet to be fully grasped. Its initial impact on businesses in the UK and around the world was swift and caused universal disarray. Businesses needed… Read more »

Rise of extremism

Rhiannon Phillips and James Bath report on how COVID has seen an increase in extremism on both sides of the political divide T he growth of right-wing and left-wing extremism in recent years has been well documented. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has provided a unique environment within which extremist narratives at both ends of the… Read more »

Future war and the defence of Europe

John R Allen, F Ben Hodges and Julian Lindley-French examine the growing potential threat to Europe and what it needs to do to stay ahead of the game Europe is at another hinge of history where the possibility of another major European war can no longer be excluded. The publication of Global Britain in a… Read more »

Mental health matters

Abbey Petkar explains the importance of protecting the mental health of our workforce. Mental health is a subject that just a few years ago was rarely spoken about, a hidden challenge for many who were unable to raise their concerns and an unimportant issue for organisations who saw it as yet another item on the… Read more »

The smart approach

Nick Smith reports on what it takes to make ‘smart enough’ cities a reality In 2020, the research firm IDC forecast global spending on smart city initiatives would total nearly $124 billion. Yet it also predicted that 10 to 30 percent of smart city IoT projects would fail as a result of poorly organised frameworks.From… Read more »

The new normal

Dave Waterson on why the new hybrid workplace model presents a huge headache for security The risks associated with working from home have been well documented and from a corporate perspective, along with maintaining levels of productivity, perhaps the greatest risk of all has been the level of exposure companies have faced from cyberattacks when… Read more »

Digital first

Graham Grose explains why the future of defence is data driven and how a robust data backbone is key for the industry The challenges of last year fast-tracked change within the defence sector, with digital maturity being pushed to the top of the agenda for military organisations and their in-service support partners. Organisations within the… Read more »

From risk to resilience

Dr Simon Harwood on why our approach to national security threats requires a radical re-think The UK needs to wake up – and fast. The Coronavirus pandemic has exposed our vulnerabilities – as individuals, in society, within businesses and as a nation state. It has made us realise that threats are interconnected, how a pandemic… Read more »

Spot the difference

Tony Kingham explains how x-ray technology can help with both security and duty of care The recent spate of postal bombs sent to food firms in Germany is a reminder, if one were needed, that even the most innocuous of corporations are potential targets for bad actors, whether their motivations are religious, political or financial…. Read more »

Construction site security

Paul Corten outlines security issues for the construction sector and best practices for the protection of construction sites Plant and equipment theft and vandalism in the construction industry is a global problem that has become the domain of international organised criminal gangs, far more so now than just opportunistic thieves. As if to emphasise the… Read more »