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Trouble brewing

2024-05-13 |

Matthew Borie reports on the growing tension in the Middle East and considers what the future holds On 1 April, Israel reportedly conducted ...

Tough enough


Fred Kao reveals how rugged technology is revolutionising the military and defence sector Identifying emerging opportunities within the rugged ...

Looking forward


Sam Stockwell and Megan Hughes explore future Biometric trends for policing and law enforcement This article explores how future developments in ...

Call of duty


Debbie Heald MBE examines how Brits rate 2024 event safety in the wake of Protect Duty updates Heald surveyed 2,000 Brits to uncover their ...

The all-seeing eye


Karen Kingham reports on how screening is giving airport security operatives the edge Air travel is part of the lifeblood of the global economy, ...

Time for a rethink?


Stephen Robinson considers the resilience and fall of France in WW2, rethinking its tactical performance in 1940 Stereotypical views of the ...

Lessons in security


Jack Porter looks at how universities can improve their defences in the face of mounting attacks Universities are increasingly a target for ...

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