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Under pressure

2024-07-05 |

Patrick Rea explores how elite military and sports strategies can be used to help transform security performance The armed forces and ...

Preparing for the unthinkable


Lorenzo Marchetti outlines the importance of mitigating terrorist threats in public spaces In the wake of devastating terrorist attacks across ...

Unlocking tomorrow


Jeff Ross reveals how cloud-based systems are revolutionising access control As businesses evolve, so does the technology that protects them. The ...

Lessons in liability


Andrew Nicholson reveals why the Canadian court ruling on a downed Ukrainian flight will have huge implications for global aviation A landmark ...

Greenland’s Arctic strategy


Barry Scott Zellen considers the security concerns as Greenland explores a collaborative vision for an Inuit sovereign restoration Greenland has ...

Driving forward


Device Authority outlines its vital security principles for the automotive industry Vehicles are fast becoming mobile computers communicating ...

Stay on target


Andrew Hallam outlines the key to keeping security staff motivated According to the Cambridge Dictionary ‘motivation’ means an enthusiasm for ...

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