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Olympics Security

2024-06-14 |

Kate Fitzpatrick considers the main security concerns as the world gathers in Paris Paris is hosting the Olympics for the first time in 100 ...

Balancing act


Dominic Renney explores how to get the mix of security and aesthetics right With an increase in pedestrianised spaces and placemaking throughout ...

Ticking time bomb


Sam Stockwell and Dr Alexander Babuta express concern that there is little time for regulators to counter AI threats before the UK’s July general ...

Well connected


Tristan Wood explores the power of hybrid networking and how it can underpin robust wide area networks across all arms and services – from land, ...

Insider threat


Noah Price examines the risks employees can pose and how to prevent them If asked to describe a physical security breach that can impact a ...

Let us prey


Sukrit Varma, Valerie Lapteva and Eugenia Marina investigate how facial recognition technology provides reassurance in places of worship In a ...

Sky High


Chris Doman examines how organisations can respond to evolving threats in the cloud The seismic shift towards cloud migrations has been ...

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