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Democracy under fire

2024-04-12 |

Beth Hepworth considers a big year for global elections in this digital threat forecast 2024 is set to be a monumental year for democracy; with ...

Warning signs


Patrick Rea examines the mental health challenges facing the security sector The mental health of security personnel in the UK is under ...



Paul D Turner examines the growing role that AI plays in signals intelligence and technical surveillance countermeasures Perhaps dangerously ...

Grinding to a halt


Joseph Carson addresses the growing cyber threats to critical national infrastructure In an era where digital connectivity underpins the very ...

Unlocking a new era


Eugenia Marina explores the role of biometrics in education: navigating the path to a secure and inclusive learning environment In light of the ...

Spring budget 2024


Elaine Whyte examines the UK security implications of the recent Spring Budget The geopolitical environment created a challenging backdrop for ...

Maintaining the status quo


Simon Alderson examines the role of security firms in managing activist protests The ‘friendly threat’ that activists pose to event disruption is ...

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