Advertisers’ FAQ

Why should I advertise in intersec? What are its unique selling points and who reads it?

intersec is the only truly global magazine of international security and counter terrorism. First published in 1991, it has 10,500 carefully selected and influential readers, many of whom are directly involved in policy-making, procurement and decision-making within the security industry. The magazine is produced to a high standard, and is often retained by readers for reference purposes, meaning your advert will be seen again and again. Please see our Readership page for more information.

How much is an advert in intersec and do you offer discounts?

The price depends on a number of factors, including the size of the advert and the length of the series. Rates are negotiable, and the longer the series and the larger the advert the more discount we are able to offer. We also offer significant discounts if you want to make advance payment. Take a look at our Ratecard for one-off rates.

Am I getting good value for my money?

intersec is the only truly global homeland security magazine in circulation – 10,500 copies are distributed to more than 180 countries and principalities ten times a year. In addition, the magazine is distributed at the world’s leading security exhibitions and conferences. As you can imagine, distributing this many copies around the world is a very costly business, but we think it is worth it to make sure the magazine is read by the very best people. There is no doubt that you will be able to get an advert cheaper elsewhere, but you can never guarantee who will see it.

I don’t have an advert. What can I do?

We can offer a limited design service, which is free of charge, and a full creative design service which is chargeable and available on request. Please contact Arran Lindsay for more information.

How do I supply copy?

Advertising copy should be sent as a 300dpi PDF set to our specifications (see Specifications page) sent by email to Arran Lindsay.

What are the deadlines?

Generally we accept advertising copy up until the last day of the preceding month. For example, copy for the May issue should be sent by 30 April. Extensions are sometimes possible, so please contact us if you need extra time.

How do I pay for the advert?

You do not have to pay in advance for an advert in a series or otherwise. We will invoice you on the day of publication and payment is due within 30 days. Series bookings will be invoiced on an issue-by-issue basis. We offer significant discounts if you want to pay in advance.

How much is an advertorial?

At intersec we do NOT accept advertorials. We believe they compromise our editorial integrity and add little value for our readers. We do, however, accept editorial submissions if they are newsworthy and fulfill our editorial criteria which are available on request from the editorial department. We believe that a well-placed advert alongside relevant, impartial editorial is by far the most effective marketing tool.

Can I advertise on your website?

Yes of course. Please see our Ratecard for costs or contact us for a quote on a longer series.

We run a conference/exhibition. Is it possible to contra advertising space for magazine distribution or a stand?

Due to the volume of international security conferences and exhibitions it is not possible for us to attend them all. We offer a free listing service on our website and in the journal, and we also offer a chargeable upgrade on the website which includes a banner and weblink. We offer show preview page within the journal on a paid-for basis which is available on request

Can I place inserts in intersec?

Yes, although there will be a surcharge for inserts based on the weight and the regions you would like them distributed to. Please contact Arran Lindsay for a personalised quote.

Can I do a direct mailing/email shot?

We offer this facility. Please contact Arran Lindsay for more information.


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