Advert Specifications

Magazine display advertising




Monthly, except combined issues July/August and November/December

Size Type Trim Bleed Size
Double page spread 285×396 297×420 305×428
Full page 285×186 297×210 305×218
Half horizontal 138×186 148×210 152×218
Half vertical 285×87 297×105 310×110
Quarter vertical 127×87 NA NA
Quarter horizontal 63×186 NA NA

Allow 6mm within final trim and gutter for live text, headings etc

Advertising material required

Material by email: high resolution PDF, JPG or TIF files at minimum 300dpi with embedded fonts

Copy deadlines

All advertising material must be received at least three working days before production deadline. Please contact Arran Lindsay for details of production deadlines.

Website Display Advertising

Size Type
1/2 top banner 275 x 100
Full top banner 640 x 100
Large sponsor banner 245 x 180
Small sponsor banner 120 x 90


Arran Lindsay, Advertising Manager
Tel: +44 (0)1435 830608
Mobile: +44(0)7952 118241