Editorial Focus

intersec provides a comprehensive insight into the threats and risks to international security, as well as the strategic and tactical solutions being deployed to meet those threats. With a core focus on understanding, preventing and responding to the terrorist threat, the journal also covers the myriad other threats which face us in the 21st Century.

Response & Technology Threat
Counter-insurgency strategies and tactics
Extremism, radicalisation and terrorism
National and local government security policy
Domestic and international terrorist groups
Police counter-terrorism strategies and tactics
Failed/failing/rogue states and regions of instability
CNI protection – including postal service, mass transit, aviation, shipping, power and communications
Organised crime, people-trafficking, money-laundering and drug trafficking
Protection of high-risk facilities such as embassies, seats of government and national monuments
Conventional and CBRNE threats
Border security
Espionage and cyber-warfare
Improvised explosive device (IED) disposal/defeat
Critical national infrastructure (CNI) vulnerabilities
Special forces and the terrorist threat
Piracy and kidnapping
Emergency service planning/response to conventional/CBRNE attack
Corporate and international counter-espionage
Hostile environment training, close protection and private security
Access control, surveillance and biometrics

The unparalleled breadth of coverage in the magazine will further be expanded in high-quality supplements distributed free with certain issues during the coming months, which will allow even more detailed analysis of key areas. Keep an eye on the features list page for more details.