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Canine guardians

James Fee explores the multifaceted ways in which dogs can be harnessed for security Detection dogs possess an uncanny sense of smell, capable of detecting even the faintest of scents. This innate ability has led to their use in detecting contraband substances such as drugs and explosives at airports, border crossings and events. Their accuracy… Read more »

The complete package

Lucy Ketley delves into the fundamentals of physical and cyber security convergence The exploitation of the internet for radicalisation and research means that many abhorrent hostile vehicle terror attacks now originate in the digital realm. This has likely been the case for several years. And although hostile vehicle threat levels are generally low, the digital… Read more »

2023: lessons learned

Eric Boger considers the key trends in critical event management over the last year As we look back on 2023, it’s vital to reflect on what a transformative year it was in the field of critical event management. Throughout the year, we witnessed escalating geopolitical tensions, a huge surge in security threats encompassing both physical… Read more »

Strategy and speed

Crystal Morin reports on the security demands of the cloud Organisations are using more cloud services every year. According to analyst firm IDC, spending on cloud computing will reach $1.37-trillion by 2027. However, while the technology to build and run in the cloud is pushing ahead, security models and processes have to keep up.Cloud computing… Read more »

Taking responsibility

Simon Randall explores the importance of carefully navigating the intersection of biometrics, AI, security, privacy and ethics In the past 18 months, the world has gone through a major technological shift. There have been major advancements in emerging technology, with a surge of generative AI developments that have tipped into the mainstream consciousness. These early… Read more »

Breaking the chain

Phil Robinson investigates why it is that supply chain attacks are still on the rise The MOVEit attack by the Clop ransomware gang proves just how devastating software supply chain attacks can be. The dependency on shared software can see a single attack compromise a multitude of customers, with Emsisoft finding 1,841 organisations have disclosed… Read more »

Come together

Steven Wood reveals why the UK’s defence and security startups are key to meeting global demand for new solutions In light of geopolitical developments and an increasingly insecure international environment, global demand for defence and security solutions has surged in recent years. Fuelled by countries intent on protecting their airspace, surveilling illicit activity, predicting future… Read more »

Looking forward

Matt Middleton-Leal looks to the future as he predicts some of the cyber security challenges for the year ahead At this time, it’s useful to think ahead about what the coming year may be like. This can get you ahead in reducing risk for the business and communicating around security to executive stakeholders like the… Read more »