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Coastal Concerns

2016-07-22 |

Timothy Compston takes a closer look at concerns being raised over the assets available to deal with people smuggling and other border control ...

Illegal drugs and security


Dr Paul Yates explains what can be done to bring illegal drug use to an end Illicit drug use, with its well-established relationship to ...

Combatting Euro Terror


Anthony Tucker-Jones discusses with Alexandru Niculae the role of the newly founded European Counter Terrorism Centre in The Hague After the ...

The fight back against biological terrorism


James M Benecke explores how microbial forensics is being employed to route out the source of biological terrorist attacks Most people are ...

How illegal tobacco funds terror


Thomas Lesnak explores how the illicit trade in tobacco had been used by terrorist organisations and what can be done to stop it A March sting ...

Body-worn cameras


Olena Kaplan and Saverio Romeo explore the origins and rapid growth of body-worn cameras and how they can be used to give security forces the ...

Is your physical security cyber secure?


Simon Gawne discusses the need for security teams to expand their remit to include cyber defence as attackers increasingly target vulnerable ...

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