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Where next?

2021-10-07 |

Barbara Kelemen reports on the impact of the Taliban takeoveron Afghanistan and the wider surrounding region The US withdrawal from Afghanistan ...

Supply and demand


Tim Scammell and Mark Holder explain why the supply chains that underpin Britain’s national security must be brought up to speed The development ...

Public protection


Peter Jackson reveals the importance of implementing robust security strategies to protect public venues Restrictions have finally eased off and ...

Where are the women?


Andrea Babbs examines the acceleration of cybersecurity while exploring what can be done to create equal opportunities for all Cybersecurity is a ...

Time for change


Joe Robinson reveals the value in deploying a Platform-as-a-Service approach to synthetic environment development The message from the UK ...

Encryption is key


Marcella Arthur explains why the continuing growth of the hybrid cloud calls for a radical reappraisal of key security The cloud opens up huge ...

Video on the edge


Uri Guterman explains how we have arrived at the Edge and why it provides a pathway to the introduction of new, exciting, innovative and ...

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