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Time for change

2022-07-26 |

Marc Lee explains why the war in Ukraine should serve as an early warning for the West to reconsider the threat from China and Russia Brexit, the ...

Red alert


Jamie Fretwell, explains why alarm receiving centres play a vital role in protecting against intruders by providing a rapid signal identification ...

Path to peace


Barry Scott Zellen explains why as the Arctic thaw continues, lifting the Arctic Council pause presents Russia a viable route to resolution While ...

Watching brief


Steven Jussaume explains how body-worn cameras are being employed to efficiently address the challenges of correctional facilities Since the ...

Balancing act


Paul Thompson discusses the issue of security versus aesthetics and explains how BIM software can aid collaborative working and create the ...

Held to ransom


Fighting the ransomware pandemic: what to do if you suffer a ransomware attack and how to prevent it Ransomware remains one of the top cyber ...

Knowledge is power


Elad Shamir reports on the importance of understanding and protecting against Kerberos  Log4Shell, ProxyLogon, and ProxyShell ...

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