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The weakest link

Paul Ponzeka outlines the cyber threats and trends that lie ahead in the alternative investment industry Cybersecurity is an ever-moving treadmill of change, constantly bringing new trends, threats, technologies and solutions into our daily digital lives. As such, organisations must continually adapt to new threats and changing attack strategies, especially as remote and hybrid working… Read more »

All busy on the northern front

Barry Scott Zellen, PhD, reports as war in Ukraine persists, NATO reinforces its Northern flanks and the USA refocuses its attention on the Arctic Region With war in the Ukraine now approaching a year of hostilities, many observers expect the conflict to persist well into the new year, with the spectre of escalation worrying many… Read more »

Democracy in peril

Thomas Richards reports on the potential security issues that could throw the upcoming US Election into chaos In a matter of hours, the world will watch with great anticipation as millions of US citizens assemble at the polls once again – or at least figuratively. The US electoral system, already riddled with complexities, has had… Read more »

Staying on track

Javier Colado discusses the importance of keeping commuters informed in the event of a security incident Travelling by rail is one of the safest and most popular forms of transport, with train journeys doubling over the last 20 years while other transport modes have declined in popularity. Rail now accounts for almost 2-billion journeys annually… Read more »

Compact thermal imaging

Shannon Jidas pounds the streets with East Chicago’s finest to see how thermal imaging hands control back to law enforcement officers As I snapped another picture, my ‘model’ casually mentioned that our photo backdrop was the scene of a double homicide a couple years ago. Nearby, a few ‘kids’ from the block – some of… Read more »

Stadium security shake up

Timothy Compston takes a closer look at stadium crowd management and security after what happened at the Stade de France in Paris From the various reports that have come out since that fateful November evening, it would appear that the fans at the Stade de France watching a friendly football game between France and Germany… Read more »

Peering through the cloud

Shahaf Rozanski explains the importance of being able to access data housed in the cloud for gaining vital evidence of s suspect’s location and/or intentions  With there now being more mobile phones on the planet than people and smartphones set to achieve saturation in just 10 years, unlocking the data held on them has increasingly… Read more »

The strategic advantage of UAV technology

Dr David Abrutat explores how utilising Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can give military forces the edge “These British-designed unmanned aircraft will fly at the very edge of the earth’s atmosphere and allow us to observe our adversaries for weeks on end providing critical intelligence for our forces.” These words, conveyed by the British Prime Minister David… Read more »

Innovation drives hologram ID document protection

Dr Mark Deakes of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) explains how hologram technology is being harnessed in the fight against counterfeits Over the last 30 years, since they first appeared on UN passports, holograms have made rapid gains in ID anti-counterfeiting, moving initially from an authentication device to the protection of personal bio data… Read more »

Sub-Saharan Risk Hotspot Outlook 2016

2016 Threat Watch Natznet Tesfay evaluates future threats that lie ahead for Africa Nigeria Highly destructive and disruptive pipeline attacks have resumed in the Niger Delta even as the decline in oil price continues to reduce falling Government revenue. The Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation was forced to shut refineries at Port Harcourt and Kaduna on… Read more »