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Is Big Brother really watching?

James Wickes investigates if CCTV and surveillance are a protection measure or an invasion of our privacy CCTV has become one of the de-facto technologies used for the protection of people, property and assets. It’s everywhere – in shopping centres, offices and public transport, you name it. Yet questions are still raised about its effectiveness… Read more »

Candid cameras

Richie McBride explains how Body Worn Cameras represent the latest and perhaps most effective method for advancing prison security. One of the enduring trends among the majority of prisons internationally is the issue of overcrowding, and the associated problems this creates. The number of prisoners in England and Wales has nearly doubled over the last… Read more »

Fighting back against fraud

Julian Cook examines the importance of tackling document fraud through effective information management As organisations become increasingly inundated with massive volumes of business-critical information, decision makers are under growing pressure to find and implement solutions to ensure they effectively manage and control this information. One of the most important considerations for any business is how… Read more »

Privacy vs Security

Timothy Compston wonders if the balance for CCTV and the sharing of suspect images has gone too far towards privacy to the detriment of time-critical policing and counter terrorism. The reluctance of certain European countries, like Germany and Sweden, to release pictures and footage of suspects – including those captured by video surveillance cameras –… Read more »

Critical infrastructure protection

Tony Kingham explores CPI tech designed to protect and detect In February this year, the UN Security Council (UNSC) urged joint measures to protect ‘critical infrastructure’ from terrorist attacks. Given the importance of critical infrastructure for a country’s prosperity and security and against the backdrop of increasingly diverse physical and cyber threats from terrorist groups,… Read more »

Cyber Defence

Anthony Tucker-Jones concludes his interview with Kevin Woollard, Operations Director BT Research & Technology, discussing the latest developments in cyber security ATJ: How much has the Ministry of Defence’s budget cuts affected BT’s R&D work in this particular field? KW: Our aim is to help the MoD introduce new technology innovations quicker – helping them… Read more »

Getting it wrong

Doctor Allan Orr examines where New South Wales’ Tactical Operation Unit came unstuck in the Lindt Café siege in Sydney The Lindt Café Coronial Enquiry’s submittal from Scotland Yard, internally referenced as the UK Expert Report, made recommendations almost entirely around equipment shortfalls and not the tactical decision matrix of the New South Wales Police… Read more »