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Lessons in liability

Andrew Nicholson reveals why the Canadian court ruling on a downed Ukrainian flight will have huge implications for global aviation A landmark court ruling in Canada in fa A landmark court ruling in Canada in favour of the families of the victims of Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752, shot down over Tehran by The Islamic… Read more »

Greenland’s Arctic strategy

Barry Scott Zellen considers the security concerns as Greenland explores a collaborative vision for an Inuit sovereign restoration Greenland has been projecting a more assertive and autonomous voice in world politics, gaining valuable experience in anticipation of what it expects will be an amicable and inevitable independence from the Kingdom of Denmark. Indeed, for a… Read more »

Driving forward

Device Authority outlines its vital security principles for the automotive industry Vehicles are fast becoming mobile computers communicating automatically with myriad external devices and services to deliver massive gains in efficiency, safety and consumer experience. But the cyber security threats are significant and constantly evolving. In mid-May, Device Authority was joined by distinguished speakers from… Read more »

Stay on target

Andrew Hallam outlines the key to keeping security staff motivated According to the Cambridge Dictionary ‘motivation’ means an enthusiasm for doing something, and for any security company building such an inspired workforce can shape loyalty, performance and success. Achieving high levels of motivation does not always happen overnight, however, and once someone is motivated into… Read more »

Impending threat

Nils Gerhardt considers post-quantum cryptography in the boardroom The idea of a quantum computer is now 44 years old while the average C-suite executive is aged 57. While Paul Benioff was describing a quantum-mechanical model of Turing machines (put simply, how computers could be made from extremely small objects) when he came up with the… Read more »

Security’s next big job

John Lutz Boorman explains why the most important role in security for your operation could be the Chief AI Officer There is much excitement around the potential of Artificial Intelligence to transform entire industries, from streamlining operations to creating new revenue streams. Indeed, as research from global vision solution provider Hanwha Vision reveals, AI is… Read more »

Foreign influence

Jorge Marinho examines the security repercussions on the education of international military students Throughout its history, from its founding in 1143 to the present, Portugal has established, developed and maintained relations with different people from various parts of the world. Located on the Iberian Peninsula it is a member of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries,… Read more »