Posts Categorized: July/August 2023

Surviving the storm

Nathan Neal reveals how the military remains secure when operating in extreme weather For the military, identifying and preparing for potential threats is essential, not just for the safety of the armed forces personnel, but also for the areas they serve. As meteorological conditions around the world continue to evolve and become more extreme, being… Read more »

Built to last

Fred Kao examines the growing role of rugged devices in defence operations Technology has never been more crucial for the defence and military sector, particularly in the current climate. In addition to improving communication and productivity on the battlefield, the latest devices need to support digitisation within the industry by providing greater mobility while offering… Read more »

Added protection

Peter Jackson explores the advantages of harnessing the strength of layered protection Based on the latest findings of the 2022 Commercial Victimisation Survey, approximately 28 percent of business premises were reported as victims of crime in the past year. Among the various types of crimes, theft was the most prevalent (15 percent), followed by burglary… Read more »

The smarter option

Phil Beecher draws on last year’s Journey to IoT Maturity report to discuss whether security can go hand in hand with the development of smart utilities The energy sector is undergoing a huge transformation, becoming reliant on highly connected communications infrastructures, with millions of endpoints, including a wide range of smart grid devices, such as… Read more »

Get smart

Anthony Lamoureux discusses how integration is having an impact on the smart locker industry Smart lockers have been around for a while now, and have gained popularity in various industries, but integration is transforming the way they operate. With integration, smart lockers are becoming more than just secure storage units; they are now multi-functional solutions… Read more »

Game on

Holly Hagene reveals why online gaming is fast becoming the next frontier for cyber crime The popularity of online gaming has driven prolific industries sustained by companies in betting services, casinos and more interactive MMORPGs and online multiplayer games. Unfortunately, with their growing popularity amongst the general public comes the prying eyes of cyber criminals… Read more »

Simulating the future

Ben Chiswick outlines the Role of Simulation in Integrating Autonomous and Electrified Systems in Defence The defence sector is on the brink of a transformative journey as it integrates electrification and autonomous technologies. This integration holds immense potential to revolutionise warfare and defence, especially in unmanned ground vehicle platforms. Embracing an electric and autonomous future… Read more »

Don’t wait for the state

Richard Massey says businesses should take steps to protect themselves now as Governments mull mandatory ransomware-readiness Ransomware attacks are a topline concern for businesses everywhere. In 2022, organisations worldwide detected 493.33 million attacks. According to the latest data from IBM, the average cost of these was $4.54 million.Those are astounding numbers. And in response, governments… Read more »