Posts Categorized: September 2022

Design for life

Paul Topping discusses the challenges of designing a system to assure delivery and protect human life in contested logistics environments The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has played out far more slowly than the Kremlin had assumed, now looking to become a prolonged conflict which could last for months or years. This has been characterised… Read more »

Spot the difference

Yuri Felshtinsky reports on the similarities with the current situation in Ukraine and Russia’s invasion in 2014 and explains why the country needs more military aid  Ukraine’s fight against its invader Russia seems to be in the ascendant with explosions rocking a Russian military base in Crimea, reports of Ukrainian special forces being active there,… Read more »

Token gesture

Andrew Kakabadse and Asma Alawadi consider the issues at stake, asking: If DAOs are ungovernable should investors be worried? Decentralised autonomous organisations (‘DAOs’) abide by a set of rules supporting specific goals laid out in the form of ‘smart-contracts’ and stored on blockchain. However, with no centralised authority or decision-making body behind them, DAOs are… Read more »

A different approach

Why innovation is at the heart of Securiscape He may have personally overseen every aspect of his company’s product development programmes, but there is always one stage Securiscape managing director Mark Stone cannot watch – the impact test.“In 18 years of running this company,” says Mark, “I have never been able to watch the crash… Read more »

Making the grade

Matt Medley explores how manufacturers negotiate and manage Defence Contracts in the regulatory world of the US Department of Defense Contracting with the US Department of Defense (DoD) can represent a significant revenue opportunity for A&D manufacturers, particularly now when US domestic defence spending and international appetite for US-manufactured military equipment is rising. But this… Read more »

Maximising potential

Jamie Barnfield reveals how AI can work with video to transform perimeter security Driven in part by the pandemic, we’ve seen rapid innovation across the security industry and particularly in the video surveillance market. Users continue to benefit from ever higher megapixel cameras with enhanced IR and true WDR, a vast array of new and… Read more »

Plug the gap

Andrea Babbs highlights the advantages of securing access control with vulnerability and patch management The 2021 World Economic Forum report has found that cybersecurity practices in place across organisations are becoming outdated due to increasingly sophisticated and frequent cyber crimes occurring. Consequently – and unfortunately unsurprisingly – businesses of all sizes are finding it difficult… Read more »

Ensuring integrity

Rachel Roumeliotis reveals how a lack of AI governance threatens to undermine all we’re setting out to achieve At the height of the pandemic, the development and roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine put the UK at the forefront of the fight against Coronavirus. Perhaps unbeknownst to much of the public was the fundamental role AI… Read more »