Posts Categorized: September 2021

Where next?

Barbara Kelemen reports on the impact of the Taliban takeoveron Afghanistan and the wider surrounding region The US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s takeover are likely to have both geostrategic and security implications globally, although in the near term the impacts are more likely to be felt in the region. Afghanistan has changed considerably… Read more »

Supply and demand

Tim Scammell and Mark Holder explain why the supply chains that underpin Britain’s national security must be brought up to speed The development of modern-day consumer goods supply chains is one of history’s most incredible feats of human ingenuity: mind-bogglingly complex networks pull resources from across the world at incredible efficiency to provide consumers with… Read more »

Public protection

Peter Jackson reveals the importance of implementing robust security strategies to protect public venues Restrictions have finally eased off and public venues are open again following a long 15 months of intermittent lockdowns caused by the pandemic. However, the level of security in and around stadiums has been heavily criticised and questioned in recent months,… Read more »

Where are the women?

Andrea Babbs examines the acceleration of cybersecurity while exploring what can be done to create equal opportunities for all Cybersecurity is a growing industry, one that has accelerated more than ever as a result of the ongoing pandemic and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The number of cyber attacks continues to rise,… Read more »

Time for change

Joe Robinson reveals the value in deploying a Platform-as-a-Service approach to synthetic environment development The message from the UK government has been consistent and unequivocal: in the face of today’s fluid, fast-moving and complex threats, the need for wide-ranging digital transformation is acute. The UK and its allies need new, more powerful capabilities that allow… Read more »

Encryption is key

Marcella Arthur explains why the continuing growth of the hybrid cloud calls for a radical reappraisal of key security The cloud opens up huge vistas of opportunity through increased agility, flexibility, efficiency and cost-saving. Yet as cloud migration increases and workloads are distributed in different locations across hybrid infrastructures, the security complications multiply, especially in… Read more »

Video on the edge

Uri Guterman explains how we have arrived at the Edge and why it provides a pathway to the introduction of new, exciting, innovative and sustainable video surveillance solutions Back in the days when there was just analogue-based CCTV, you would have needed a locally based video cassette recorder (VCR) if you wished to retain the… Read more »