Posts Categorized: November/December 2022

Cyber security and the World Cup

Manish Gohil focuses on the cyber security issues that this celebration of football faced The FIFA World Cup in Qatar was always likely to be a key focus for a range of hostile cyber actors, including nation states, hacktivists and cybercriminal groups. While large events like the World Cup provide opportunities for organisations to reap… Read more »

Rising to the challenge

Anna Averkiou reports on how changing patterns of violence pose new challenges for public transport The UK has just witnessed the biggest security operation in its history for the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Upwards of a million people flocked to central London, the Royal Palaces, public viewing screens and funeral routes around the… Read more »

Up, up and away

Richard Hjelmberg explores the current technological trends of helicopter drones Mid-size Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) have increased in popularity across both military and civilian domains to such an extent that organisations are no longer questioning the need for them; but rather the question is now: how much the UASs they… Read more »

The road ahead

Bernard Montel examines the driving factors evolving automotive cybersecurity The first known vehicle theft occurred in 1896 when Baron de Zuylen, founder of the Automobile Club of France, had his Peugeot stolen by a mechanic in Paris. This catalysed the development of car security systems, advancing from a lock and key device, defending against petty… Read more »

Knowledge is power

Oliver Paterson warns about the importance of training security personnel to ensure they are prepared for the worst eventuality No company is safe from the possibility of cyber attacks, regardless of how big or small they are. This is clear as cyber crime cases are increasing year on year, especially during the peak of the… Read more »

False sense of security

Stuart Jubb explores the multifaceted challenge of addressing cybersecurity in critical national infrastructure and what the chief information security officer can do The Russian invasion of Ukraine began in cyberspace. According to UK intelligence services, Russia was almost certainly responsible for an attack on a Ukrainian communications provider an hour before the invasion and cyber… Read more »