Posts Categorized: June 2023

Predictive risk intelligence

Matthew Borie discusses the part that data can play in predicting aviation security risks The development of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools in recent years is now enabling aviation security practitioners to harness the power of data in new and innovative ways. AI tools can be used to aggregate incredible amounts of… Read more »

Spotting anomalies

Paul Mason explains how behaviour detection awareness can be employed as a proactive and pre-emptive approach to security Why has that door been left open? Who is that person who keeps glancing at the CCTV cameras? What’s in that bulging rucksack? Observing anomalies to the usual pattern of life and asking the question: “is that… Read more »

The silent killer

Fridtjof Heyerdahl MD PhD notes that despite April marking the 26th anniversary of the Chemical Weapons Convention, more than 86 tons of chemical weapons still exist. Here he highlights why this remains reason for concern On 7 April 2018, an Mi-8/17 helicopter of the Syrian Arab Air Force dropped a yellow cylinder on the rooftop… Read more »

Staying authentic

Members of the IHMA explain the part that 30 years of hologram growth has played in security Established in 1993, the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) has evolved into a global voice on authentication and security devices. Now, five former chairs – and one general secretary – reflect on 30 years of holography growth while… Read more »

Helping hands

Jamal Elmellas explores the role of technology in creating and solving the cyber skills shortage The cyber security skills gap rocketed by 73 percent in the UK according to the ISC(2) 2022 Cyber security Workforce Study and it’s showing no signs of abating, with the Department for Digital Media and Sport (DCMS) estimating an annual… Read more »

Fighting back

Martin Riley reveals what the launch Launch of the NPSA means for organisations in an era of state-sponsored cyber threats State-sponsored cyber attacks have shifted up a gear in recent years, forcing global authorities to proactively evolve their defence capabilities. In March 2023, the UK government announced the launch of a new intelligence body, the… Read more »

Paying the price twice

David Carvalho examines the correct way to react to ransomware Ransomware attackers extorted $456.8-million from victims in 2022, 40 percent down from the $765.6-million in the previous year. However, before we clink glasses to celebrate victory, there are some significant caveats to consider. There were 19 reported web3 hacks in Q1 2023 – up from… Read more »