Monthly Archives: November 2023

Deadly attacks

Brian Michael Jenkins and Bruce R Butterworth examine why it is that developing nations face deadlier terrorism Terrorist attacks in developing countries are far more frequent and lethal than those in economically advanced countries such those in North America and Europe, and many reflect long-standing and often violent conflicts and insurgencies. Some of these attacks… Read more »

Fully committed?

Simon Alderson explains the importance of effective staff retention strategies in security firms From construction sites to stadiums, security is critical to keeping businesses and people safe. Retaining competent individuals in the security profession, on the other hand, can be a considerable difficulty. Despite an increasing need for security services in the post-pandemic era, some… Read more »

Safer cities

Debbie Heald reveals what authorities need to consider this year and beyond when it comes to busy cities and security measures With population density in the UK set to reach 35.1 million by year-end, this could lead to a rise in accidents, including vehicle collisions and, regrettably, crime. Additionally, the presence of a large number… Read more »

Remote control

Travis Scott on why remote ID is just a good start and not an entire solution In recent years, the increasing popularity of drones has brought both tremendous advancements and significant challenges. One crucial challenge is ensuring the security of any given airspace from potential threats posed by nefarious and non-compliant drones – not just… Read more »

Fighting fire with fire

Brett Raybould explains the benefits of using AI to limit AI attacks Artificial Intelligence is the latest tool to capture the public’s imagination, thanks to the generative systems that now write (and sometimes even code) for us. Attackers are already using the technology to threaten legitimate users with super-charged phishing attacks. The best way to… Read more »

Let us pray

Peter Jackson outlines a holistic approach to protecting places of worship The safety and sanctity of places of worship are under constant threat due to a rise in criminal activities targeting religious premises. According to the hate crime charity Stop Hate UK, religious or faith-based crimes have been increasing for the past five years. In… Read more »

Be prepared

Building more resilient critical national infrastructure Throughout the last few years, cyber attacks and cyber security threats have become some of the most persistent, critical risks to all kinds of organisations, businesses and governments. In fact, analyst firm Gartner predicts that by 2025, threat actors will have weaponised operational technology environments successfully to the extent… Read more »