Monthly Archives: October 2023

Numbers game

Uri Guterman reports on how advances in ANPR are changing security Drivers travelling along UK motorways in 1979 were likely unaware that they were becoming part of history. This is where the first ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras were deployed, before being rolled out more widely in the Eighties. In 1981, the technology was… Read more »

Trouble brewing?

Gary Abbott explores Israel’s unprecedented political crisis with the country navigating constitutional turmoil, civil unrest and the threat of internal conflict Israel finds itself in an unprecedented constitutional crisis that threatens to paralyse the country with further widespread civil unrest, industrial action and according to President Herzog, the possibility of civil war. This follows the… Read more »

Elevating checkpoint efficiency

Philo Daniel on how the latest technologies can speed up checkpoint screening Advances in AI-based algorithms have enabled real-time, automatic identification of a fast growing list of prohibited items ranging from weapons to currency. By framing any suspect items, image analysts can make faster, more accurate decisions which increases both security levels and efficiency. Smiths… Read more »

Search and destroy

Will Higham explains how a layered approach can be used to successfully counter IEDs Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are a prevalent threat in almost all modern conflicts. Their improvised nature, readily available componentry and easily accessible manufacturing guidance make them a flexible and comparatively cheap weapon. They consist of five main elements: a main charge,… Read more »

Mobile malware

Ash Patel explains how mobile devices have become the enterprise’s biggest attack surface The rapid rise of the mobile device as the central business endpoint has disrupted many things in IT. Mobile-based work initiatives such as Bring Your own Device (BYoD) and remote work are now commonplace, but more fundamentally mobile devices are the newendpoint… Read more »

Helping hands

Paul Baird reveals the impact of cyber attacks and where to turn for support should you become a victim Security incidents have huge impacts, whether they are successful or not. From direct costs due to ransomware payments or stolen capital due to business email fraud, through to indirect costs around incident response, clean-up operations and… Read more »

Minimising risk

Jon Fielding reveals what needs to be done to control the risk amid the growing trend for hybrid working It’s often the human element in the business that proves to be the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain, with the World Economic Forum reporting that 95 percent of cybersecurity issues can be traced to human… Read more »