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Station safety under the microscope

2018-01-25 |

Professor Chris Kemp and Craig Stenning reveal measures that can be taken to keep commuters safe When people are seen to run away from danger it ...

Public transport safety


David Lenot explains how new developments in video surveillance help transport agencies keep passengers safe as security concerns remain a ...

Sound solutions for gunshot detection


Timothy Compston finds out why more attention is being given to gunshot detection by those on the frontline in the fight against criminality and ...

The fall of Mugabe


Anthony Tucker-Jones reports on the security ramifications of last year’s coup in Zimbabwe The international media reported with great excitement ...

Cyber security predictions for 2018


Brian Chappell outlines security considerations for the year ahead The bigger they are, the harder they fall If we think the headlines shocked us ...

Hospital security check up


Andy Purvis reveals measures that are being taken to ensure that security remains in rude health It should be taken as a given that a hospital is ...

Applications – Our digital servants


Dr Simon Wiseman examines potential security flaws behind apps that have designed to make our lives easier We use applications all the time, ...

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