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Internet extremism

2019-08-16 |

Paolo Zucconi examines the world of E-Jihad and reveals how cyberspace assists extremist strategy and tactics The nefarious use of the cyber ...

Taking control


Mike O’Malley looks at the issues as Japan reveals a radical approach to securing IoT at a national level before the 2020 Olympics This time next ...

Driving ambition


Graeme Simpson reports on the challenge of building cyber-secure cars for the unknown future For many of the UK’s car owners, airbags are an ...

First response


Tremaine Kent considers what can be done to help deal with battlefield injuries on our streets in the event of a terror attack It is human nature ...

University security


Darren Chalmers-Stevens examines global universities and the safety and security dividend With the contribution of international students to the ...

CCTV’s GDPR minefield


Andrew Crowne-Spencer examines how – a year down the line – general data protection regulations are standing up and discovers where CCTV is ...

Seal of approval


Kai Schnapauff reports on how solutions for protection against tampering of official documents is adding value to government products Protection ...

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