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COVID-19 and terrorism

2020-07-14 |

Professor Andrew Silke assesses the short and long-term impact on security of the on-going Coronavirus As the international community continues ...

Beyond the visible


Veronica Spalberg explains how body worn cameras can contribute to more than just safety and security Bats use echolocation to ‘see’ in their ...

Insider threat


Mark Brace examines the importance of dealing with the potential security threat posed by disgruntled airport employees Unless your airport is ...

Combatting threat


Paul Hicks examines what can be done to protect airports from drones as well as revealing measures that can be actioned to prevent misuse ...

Playing catch up


Simon Hall explains why digital policing cannot be delivered until police procurement is properly sorted Community policing has changed a lot ...

The weakest link?


Arun Chauhan discusses the ‘human element’ of cybersecurity and explores how you can avoid falling victim to cyber fraud. Fraud can occur in many ...

Time to switch


Luke Harley examines the advantages in making the move to IP: the evolution of video surveillance In today’s increasingly uncertain world, video ...

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