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Be Prepared

2020-03-30 |

Rupert Godesen highlights the importance of undergoing appropriate training before entering potentially hostile enviroments A few weeks ago, I ...

Spotlight on Iran


Timothy Compston weighs up the security ramifications of the death of General Soleimani and Iran’s response Even before the killing of General ...

No Room For Error


Steve Revell reveals the future trends, changing threats and current capabilities in explosives and narcotics detection The security landscape is ...

Airport Security


Mark Brace examines the growing difficulties of keeping tourists safe in airports On 19 December 2019, the first flight in over four years from ...

Raising the Bar


Iain Entwistle reports on how a layered approach to physical security can help to make buildings more secure Protecting buildings from physical ...

Stadium Security


Wanda Nijholt on how Brøndby football club employs facial recognition and security camera solutions to keep fans safe The rapid development of ...

Remote Control


Chris Morales discusses the potential risks involved in remote desktop protocol and reveals measures to keep your organisation safe Being able to ...

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