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Connecting emergency services with key decision makers in major incidents

2019-04-25 |

Major incidents require co-ordinated action across a range of stakeholders. This can be achieved through innovative standards that provide ...

Preparing for the black swan


Mike Ahmadi discusses the importance of utilities security and why the Internet of Things changes everything Utilities are just coming online ...

Clearing the area


David Leigh reports on the importance of rendering safe the explosive remnants of war De-mining and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) have been ...

Filling the knowledge gap


Sarah Hayward-Turton examines the important role of training in the professionalisation of the security sector When was the last time you took a ...

The tobacco black market


ITSA reports on how tobacco products are used for illicit means and why control measures are vital for international security Estimates for the ...

Predicting family terror networks


Dean C Alexander provides a six-stage model for spotting the signs of potential terrorist attackers The purpose of a model to predict family ...

Electromagnetic interference


Peter Dorey navigates the complexity of the electromagnetic compatibility of defence systems One of the difficulties with integrating military ...

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