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Protecting the public

2020-08-13 |

Chris Mason reveals the importance of improved connectivity and a reliable network to keeping people safe at large gatherings No matter the ...

Insecurity, accelerated


Justin Crump explains why leaders that take an intelligence-led approach to decision-making will have resilience and agility that will set them ...

The next industrial revolution


Andrea Carcano and Chris Grove examine the growing significance of cybersecurity to automated manufacturing In Germany it’s called Industry 4.0, ...

Fending off a security attack


Shani Latif examines the long-term damage that can be done to a business in the event of a cyber attack Almost half of UK businesses suffered ...

In rude health


Philipp Pointner gives his prognosis on how the healthcare industry is having to adapt against fraud in the post-COVID-19 landscape COVID-19 has ...

The human factor


Francois Rodriguez, Chief Growth Officer at Adeya, looks at how the biggest threat to enterprise data security comes from within, and the steps ...

Take to the skies


David Willems reports on how drones are being used to innovate supply chain security Cargo transportation is as old as time. Throughout the ...

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