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Cracking Fallujah

2014-03-19 |

As Iraqi government troops once again fight for control of the city of Fallujah, Anthony Tucker-Jones reports on the growing chaos in Iraq’s ...

Built-in security


Chris Driver-Williams examines how security and blast-mitigation can be designed into otherwise vulnerable buildings to limit the effects of ...

Two dogs and a bone


As tensions continue to grow over the Russian occupation of the Crimea, John Chisholm assesses the ethnic and political factors which threaten to ...

Eyes on the operation


Terry White discusses how HD wireless video cameras and satellite communications can transform surveillance and security operations, giving ...

A second look at cargo


John Leach examines the latest dual-view screening technology and welcomes forthcoming legislation which will improve the security of freight ...

The standards approach


Alastair Henman argues that governments, standards bodies, manufacturers, installers and customers of security measures must all pull together ...

Regarding radicalisation

2014-03-14 |

As the UK government warns of the radicalising effects of the Syrian conflict, Robert de la Poer asks Dr Douglas Weeks whether the UK’s Prevent ...

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