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Cold shoulder

2022-06-09 |

Barry Scott Zellen examines why the Arctic Council ‘pause’ puts Arctic cooperation into a deep freeze On 3 March, 2022 seven of the eight Arctic ...

Face time


Rob Watts provides an oversight of the latest facial recognition technology and its use for security applications Facial Recognition Technology ...

Shifting plates


How more ambitious deployments of ANPR with integrated solutions, better cameras and more powerful software are unlocking benefits to law ...

Attaining the standard


Phil Robinson explores what’s required under the ASSURE scheme and how airports can get the most out of the process Cybersecurity is a pressing ...

Flexible working


Martyn Ryder, looks at the capacity for the cloud to unlock critical insights and help manage costs for business that support flexible working ...

Safety first


Fabian Libeau reveals how an inventory of attack surfaces guards against cyber-attack In its review of 2021, the National Cybersecurity Centre ...

Picking up the pieces


Ed Williams examines the correct procedure in the aftermath of a ransomware attack Ransomware is a nightmare for CISOs and security teams. It can ...

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