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The Gaza split

2014-09-24 |

British foreign policy over the latest Israel-Gaza conflict is a shambles and has split the government, reports Anthony Tucker-Jones This summer ...

MANPADS: the threat below


Following the destruction of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 17 over Ukraine, James Milnes argues we must not forget the wider terrorist threat to ...

Upgrading tactical comms


As Special Forces and security personnel operating in hostile territory struggle to find secure, reliable tactical communications systems, Giles ...



Following a series of revelations that Russian troops and ordnance are openly in play alongside the Eastern Ukrainian rebels, John Chisholm asks ...

Cracking drug data


Paul Stokes examines how advanced crime analytics tools can be used by the police and security services to effectively investigate and disrupt ...

Hardening physical CNI protection


Michael Miles considers the role of physical access protection, including its growing integration with access control, as part of the security ...

Afghanistan: securing the peace


In spite of the internal and external security threats facing Afghanistan, Liane Sainsbury presents a cautiously optimistic view of the country’s ...

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