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Sniffing out trouble

2021-01-04 |

Mark Rutherford reports on the growing importance of explosives detection dogs in airport security We tend to assume that technological ...

Smart skies


Matthew Borie investigates the growing Importance of AI in aviation security The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), principally ...

Face facts


Tim Noest explains how facial recognition technology has finally come of age After several false dawns, facial recognition technology is finally ...

Identify yourself


Dr Clive Summerfield reports on the importance of securing customer services and facilitating online education Before the internet, most customer ...

Reduce, reuse, recycle


Carl Trotzig, explores what can be done to ensure a sustainable future for the security industry Recent events, global uncertainty and heightened ...

Unknown territory


Carolyn Crandall explains what CISOs can do to stay ahead of the game when it comes to cyber security Cybersecurity has traditionally been a ...

Growing use of holograms


Dr Paul Dunn explains how innovation hastens closer digital interaction of security and brand protection holographic devices Innovative ...

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