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From risk to resilience

2021-04-08 |

Dr Simon Harwood on why our approach to national security threats requires a radical re-think The UK needs to wake up – and fast. The Coronavirus ...

Spot the difference


Tony Kingham explains how x-ray technology can help with both security and duty of care The recent spate of postal bombs sent to food firms in ...

Construction site security


Paul Corten outlines security issues for the construction sector and best practices for the protection of construction sites Plant and equipment ...

Safe to study


Robert Platt explores what can be done to lock violence out of educational institutes When it comes to student safety, walking the tightrope ...

Cyber security goldrush


Ilan Barda reveals what’s behind the huge growth in cybersecurity and why people remain the most vital tool in the fight back against attacks The ...

Mastering data


Alain Vernadat examines the need to put data at the heart of the investigation Data explosion is a reality, and it has become the golden nugget ...

Identifying vulnerabilites


Adam Palmer explains why it is time to take control of your cyber risk The last 12 months have been a challenge for organisations for a variety ...

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