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Return of The Troubles?

2019-06-24 |

Timothy Compston considers the threat posed by dissident republican terrorism after the murder of a journalist. The tragic shooting of ...

Who can you trust?


Ian Glover explains why more firms are turning to penetration testing to check their defences and why you wouldn’t want just anyone trying to ...

Protecting stadiums


Owen Miles examines the important role that critical communications play in stadium security The Super Bowl, which this year took place at the ...

Integrated security


Steve Moody explains how entrance security solutions can be an effective deterrent with the right approach and processes to back them up ...

Camera to court


David Spreadborough examines the many challenges of evidential video and reveals necessary improvements If you ask anyone about forensic ...

Keeping the lights on


Ilan Barda reveals the cyber threat being posed to critical national infrastructure across the globe Last year, Ciaran Martin, the head of the ...

Stay one step ahead


Marie Clutterbuck reveals why business is the new target for cyber criminals and explains what can be done to limit the threat Ransomware groups ...

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