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On the trail of the ghost ships

2017-06-22 |

Timothy Compston discovers that more and more ships are turning off their AIS (Automatic Identification System) or even switching their ...

Held to ransom


Nik Whitfield reports on the lessons learnt from the WannaCry ransomware attack and the proposed changes security professionals should make to ...

Automated defence systems


Nicola Whiting argues that governments must look to automated defence systems to combat the rise in cyber-crime groups and nation-state hackers ...

Call sign Ugly


Anthony Tucker-Jones reports on what happens when military law fails during intense counter-insurgency operations Few people outside the armed ...

Understanding thermographic imaging


Trevor Holt offers an overview of thermal imaging technology Thermographic imaging is the ability to detect infrared energy, which is emitted ...

Fighting Electronic benefit fraud


Louis-James Davis examines the causes of problems and solutions that are emerging in the US The US electronic benefit transfer or EBT system is ...

Hybrid warfare. Borders and terrorism


Lina Kolesnikova reports on the changing face of warfare During the last two years, hybrid warfare and hybrid war have become quite fashionable ...

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