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La Haine

2015-02-23 |

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo killings, Anthony Tucker-Jones assesses the trend in Islamist attacks sparked by the media’s depiction of Islam ...

Integrating the perimeter


The integration of human, physical and electronic security measures across the CNI is gathering pace, argues Chris Plimley, driven by the rapid ...

Proxy war


With clashes between eastern Ukrainian rebels and Ukrainian forces escalating in January, John Chisholm concedes the conflict is now a civil war, ...

Freedom of speech


John Maher warns secure radio communication technology could offer a tactical edge to both responders and terrorists alike and calls for greater ...

You’ve got ­–deadly– mail


As security officials struggle to protect their facilities from mail-borne terrorist threats, Jason Wakefield discusses the screening options ...

Up close with explosives


Although checkpoint explosive trace detection is urgently needed, hand-held systems have proved disappointing. But Andrew Goldsmith argues recent ...

TSCM in 2014: Watch & learn


Bernie Connor examines the covert surveillance threats faced by officials and business leaders travelling abroad in the age of wearable consumer ...

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