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Ungoverned spaces

2015-05-27 |

Anthony Tucker-Jones reports on Saudi Arabia’s unprecedented counter-insurgency effort in Yemen   Saudi jets, supported by those of nine ...

Open source


Nigel Somerville discusses the importance of open source intelligence gathering in countering the growing terrorist threat to critical ...

Disruptive technology


David Brooker discusses the evolving IED threat and calls for greater partnership between governments and industry to ensure disruptor technology ...

Inside inspection


Kirstine Wilson asks whether handheld backscatter or dual X-ray imaging technologies can better enhance onsite inspection of suspect bags and ...

Proliferation Games


Timothy Compston assesses the fallout from the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear programme and asks whether current efforts to curb nuclear ...

The power of delusion


As the number of fighters heading to Syria to join ISIS continues to grow, John Chisholm explores the group’s allure and asks whether their ...

Sole sourcing security


Alastair Henman argues that government and commercial buyers of critical national infrastructure protection equipment increasingly want to ...

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