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The importance of two-way radio for security

2017-02-24 |

James Miller explains why two-way radio remains the go-to communications tool for security professionals, and how the technology has evolved in ...

Security scanning made easy

2017-02-23 |

Dr Sherif Sayed Ahmed explains how a combination of advances in millimetre-wave communication and machine-learning algorithms has enabled the ...

Securing the un-securable


Chris Kemp and Chief Inspector Andrew B Brown explain the important considerations for security in the crowded space environment Many of those ...

Christmas rampage


Anthony Tucker-Jones assesses the European security implications in the wake of the Christmas Berlin terror attack Shoppers were enjoying the ...

The sky is not the limit


Neil Fretwell explores the growing number of different applications that unmanned aerial vehicles are now being used for A terrorist atrocity has ...

On alert for state-sponsored hacking


Timothy Compston reports on the rise of state-driven cyber attacks The involvement of states in nefarious activities, from stealing intellectual ...

Hostage recovery examined


Doctor Allan Orr considers the lessons that can be learned about rescuing hostages following events in the Lindt Café in Sydney 'Breachers' ...

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