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Uncertain times

2021-05-06 |

David Needham considers the impact of COVID-19 on the physical security industry and identifies where support can be provided, backed by ...

Rise of extremism


Rhiannon Phillips and James Bath report on how COVID has seen an increase in extremism on both sides of the political divide T he growth of ...

Future war and the defence of Europe


John R Allen, F Ben Hodges and Julian Lindley-French examine the growing potential threat to Europe and what it needs to do to stay ahead of the ...

Mental health matters


Abbey Petkar explains the importance of protecting the mental health of our workforce. Mental health is a subject that just a few years ago was ...

The smart approach


Nick Smith reports on what it takes to make ‘smart enough’ cities a reality In 2020, the research firm IDC forecast global spending on smart city ...

The new normal


Dave Waterson on why the new hybrid workplace model presents a huge headache for security The risks associated with working from home have been ...

Digital first


Graham Grose explains why the future of defence is data driven and how a robust data backbone is key for the industry The challenges of last year ...

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