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Robot arms race

2019-03-21 |

Timothy Compston investigates the changing capabilities of EOD robots and their manipulator arms EOD robots have changed beyond all recognition ...

Facial recognition


Simon Hall examines why emerging technology is a good thing for policing, although it’s vital that it is closely monitored In January The ...

Hostile vehicle mitigation challenges


Debbie Heald MBE reveals measures that can be taken to keep the public safe from hostile vehicle attacks and ram raids Hostile vehicle attacks ...

Terrorism in public spaces


Stephen Cooper reveals how technology is being adopted to close a critical capability gap in keeping the public safe We live in an age of surging ...

Tackling ATM crime


Gavin Hepburn explains the rise of ATM attacks and examines measures that can be taken to prevent them While attacks on ATMs are nothing new, it ...

Data-led risk management


Clive Wright reports on the 21st-century tool for aircraft operators Aircraft operators, from the largest scheduled carriers through cargo ...

The dark web


Rupert Godesen reports on the Dark Web and the role it plays in terrorism communications and the spreading of information Terrorism, which the ...

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