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RF Jammers on the frontline

2016-04-22 |

Timothy Compston investigates the world of Radio Frequency jamming in relation to IEDs and new security challenges like drones In today’s ...

Riots on the high street: securing your premises


Tony Kingham explores what can be done to protect homes and businesses from looters It is a sad reality that civil disorder or rioting, whatever ...

Stadium security shake up


Timothy Compston takes a closer look at stadium crowd management and security after what happened at the Stade de France in Paris From the ...

Daesh on the defensive


Anthony Tucker-Jones reports on a series of intelligence coups scored against terror group Islamic State Over the past few months terror group ...

Peering through the cloud


Shahaf Rozanski explains the importance of being able to access data housed in the cloud for gaining vital evidence of s suspect’s location ...

The strategic advantage of UAV technology


Dr David Abrutat explores how utilising Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can give military forces the edge “These British-designed unmanned aircraft will ...

Innovation drives hologram ID document protection


Dr Mark Deakes of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) explains how hologram technology is being harnessed in the fight ...

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