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Oil strikes

2019-12-06 |

Timothy Compston considers the ramifications of the devastating drone and cruise missile attacks on the Saudi oil infrastructure T he ...

Vehicle inspection


Amir and Ohad Hever explain the technologies involved; what they are, how they help and what the future holds Vehicle inspections pose a distinct ...

Smart building security


Mirel Sehic discusses what can be done to plug the gaps in smart building cyber security Pervasive connectivity is improving our built ...

Anonymised security


Neil Huntingdon explores the growing disharmony between data protection and mass surveillance and the role technology can play in balancing ...

Data protection


Daniel Markuson examines why governmental institutions around the world continue to fail to protect their citizens’ data More and more ...

The weakest link


John Higginson explains why you need to start thinking about supply chain cyber security and looks at the growth of Business Email Compromise ...

Time to invest


Spencer Young examines the importance of convincing the board to invest in cyber security before it’s too late Even if you weren’t glued to HBO’s ...

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