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France on high alert

2016-06-23 |

Timothy Compston considers why anti-terrorism measures have been tightened up for Euro 2016. With the high-profile UEFA Euro 2016 football ...

What to do in the event of a security breach


Andrew Sheldon says that after a breach to first-line security it’s vital that you act quickly and smartly to minimise the outcome In matters ...

Covert comms in high-risk scenarios


Mikael Westerlund looks at the need for deep covert communications in the hunt for terror suspects hiding among migrants and asylum seekers From ...

Predicting terror


Anthony Tucker-Jones talks to Neil Fretwell of Intelligent Software Solutions Global about the growing use of predictive software in counter ...

It’s not all guns and violence


Rupert Godesen suggests that a new approach is required for hostile environment training and that sometimes, it’s the simple things that can ...

Protecting our artefacts


Tony Kingham explains what can be done to help to protect the contents of our galleries and museums from the threat of crime Museums and art ...

X-ray gives the upper hand


Chanan Levin and Inbal Moshe explain how x-ray technology is being used by security forces in the fight back against terrorists Public transport ...

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