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Facing the future

2020-06-16 |

Timothy Compston considers where facial recognition is heading. When it comes to biometrics for security there is little doubt that facial ...

Defence logistics


Graham Grose considers three developments that will shape the strategy of military forces, original equipment manufacturers and in-service ...

Preparing for a crisis


Gavin Wilson M.Sc underlines the importance of having pre-defined emergency and business continuity plans in the event of a crisis Explanations ...

Source of the problem


Jeremy Praud explains why tightened staff screening is vital to protect UK supply chains The Coronavirus pandemic has put the food industry under ...

Digital documents


Ian Lancaster considers the need for caution when it comes to the digital document revolution Arevolution is underway in the secured document ...

A safe harbour


Colin Tankard explains how encryption has become the building block for data security Encryption, whereby information is converted from a ...

GDPR two years on


Reza Nezam reflects on the changes brought about by the General Data Protection Regulations and reveals there is still much work to be done It ...

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