Modular surface mounted high security

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Offering the ultimate flexible security solution, HESCO TERRABLOCK provides the ideal way to ensure protection for events

Used to protect work places, venues, remote utilities and critical infrastructure, HESCO TERRABLOCK can be easily and quickly constructed utilising local resources with HESCO Technical Support providing you all the support you need throughout your project, from design to installation and maintenance.
A new permanent solution to your security needs, TERRABLOCK can integrate with your current security measures and be installed with enhancements such as razor-wire, Perimeter Intrusion Detections systems, optical surveillance, radar systems and vehicle gates or portals.

TERRABLOCK XL was designed for the London 2012 Olympic Games to provide crowd control and then developed to include the company’s patented Energy Transfer System (ETS) and offer protection against hostile vehicle attack.
Engineered for city landscapes, sport and entertainment events, XL units are delivered flat-packed for easy storage, allowing deployment whenever required. As a completely modular solution, multiple units can be pinned together to create barriers of continuous, unrestricted length over even, undulating or sloping ground.
After an event or threat level has lifted, XL is as easy to remove as it is to install, providing a stress free and completely clean recovery.

TERRABLOCK XR is a rapidly deployable, crowd control security barrier, providing a short-term solution to event security and police requirements. Developed in conjunction with UK Government testing, XR provides an enhanced level of security when compared with traditional barriers.
TERRABLOCK XR can be integrated with other TERRABLOCK products in response to different site or security requirements.
With no need for foundations or site preparation, XR can be stored ready for deployment at a moment’s notice, allowing quick response to changing circumstances. The ballast bags, which are supplied with the product, can be kept filled or emptied after installation, adding to the flexibility and ease of use.

TERRABLOCK XS has been installed in austere and remote locations, providing an enhanced level of high security to oil and gas operators in some of the harshest conditions. The combination of a geotextile lined mesh basket, fully integrated with a welded mesh post and panel system, provides the user with the ability to use local fill material to create a perimeter security barrier.
As with all TERRABLOCK products, XS can be integrated with pedestrian and vehicle gates for a complete perimeter solution.

TERRABLOCK XT enables security services the ability to quickly and efficiently upgrade and enhance existing perimeter security.
Providing a base from which a complete perimeter security solution can be built upon and allowing for enhancements such as perimeter intrusion detection systems, surface-mounted poles for lighting and CCTV, as well as access control points and concertina
razor wire.
This option, to seamless integrate and upgrade current security features, creates an extremely cost effective solution when compared with a more traditional fenced perimeter.

TERRABLOCK XV is unique among any surface-mounted security barrier in that it not only provides anti-climb protection, but also is crash tested to ASTM:M50P1. The pinnacle of the TERRABLOCK range, XV is a formidable security barrier ensuring the security and safety of those it is installed to protect.
Developed and tested over a five-year period, TERRABLOCK XV can be deployed in urban or remote environments to protect assets from critical infrastructure to commercial operations.
The depth of knowledge and experience that has been poured into the development of TERRABLOCK XV, coupled with the extensive worldwide testing, will give any user the peace of mind that XV is the right solution for them.
With each new development, and with new emerging threats, HESCO TERRABLOCK units have been tested to perform against real-world threats, by leading testing authorities and by experienced engineers and technicians in a diverse range of environments, ensuring each unit remains at the forefront of protection.
Only Hesco Group, innovate and manufacture HESCO barriers, from decades of product development and working with customers to design the very best in defensive earth-filled structures. Support and training packages are available around the world and allow end users
a direct line of communication from inquiry to installation and maintenance, ensuring security and defence is not compromised.

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