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Terrorists: stop!

Dean C Alexander explains how police traffic stops can prove to be a powerful counter terrorism tool, and outlines some key indicators that might indicate terrorist activity   The recent revelation that a traffic stop for speeding in Pakistan involved al-Qaeda courier and Osama bin Laden bodyguard Ibrahim al Kuwaiti, sometime during 2002 or 2003,… Read more »

The smoking gun

Anthony Tucker-Jones assesses the intelligence implicating Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the use of chemical weapons against his own people   Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government is languishing under the international shame of having deployed Sarin nerve agent against its own people. To date there is no denying that some sort of chemical agent has… Read more »

Big Brother’s whistleblower

With revelations still emerging about the NSA and GCHQ’s online surveillance activities, Anthony Tucker-Jones assesses one of the worst intelligence scandals in living memory   It seems that the American National Security Agency (NSA) has been plundering global communications networks as if they are buccaneers of old. Like rapacious pirates they decided that there is… Read more »

Oil, gas and terror

Chris Philips warns that isolated oil and gas facilities across Africa and the Middle East remain highly vulnerable to terrorist attack, and calls on the owners to provide adequate protection and insurance   It seems the current en vogue terrorist tactic has moved from placing bombs in busy places to full frontal attacks by groups… Read more »

Putting the Putin

As the Syrian government prepares to offer up its chemical weapons for disarmament, John Chisholm examines how Russian intervention put paid to Western military threats   A month is a short time in Syria, but it has not prevented an awful lot happening. It is not very often that the term “diplomatic coup” is used… Read more »

Hard borders

Tamir Eshel describes how Israeli security technology is being applied to protect its borders against threats ranging from terrorists to people-smugglers   Since its independence in 1948 Israel has faced existential threats by overwhelming military forces and irregular guerrilla groups waging terror campaigns on the young Jewish state. During 60 years of conflict this threat… Read more »

Strengthening cyber security

Timothy Compston investigates the growing number of cyber security attacks by individuals and state actors intent on obtaining valuable intellectual property and other sensitive data, and outlines the countermeasures which can stop them   Today cyber attacks are seemingly never far from the headlines in our increasingly interconnected world as organisations report a surge in… Read more »