Posts Categorized: October 2022

Rising tension

Robert Hall questions whether or not we are in for civil unrest as we appear to face the winter of discontent to end all winters of discontent Mark Twain is reported to have said that: “History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes”. This is true of civil unrest in many contexts and the echoes… Read more »

Trouble brewing

Tamara Naidoo explains how fragmentation within the ANC could lead to political turmoil in the lead up to the general elections This July, former South African president Thabo Mbeki warned that South Africa will experience an Arab Spring-like uprising, due to dissatisfaction with rising living costs and disillusionment with the political leadership. His comments naturally… Read more »

The X Factor

Matt Clark explains why the versatility, effectiveness and ever evolving nature of X-ray makes it the cornerstone security screening technology It is a sobering reality that we face an array of complex and evolving security threats, presenting real danger to lives and putting assets at risk. The good news is that there are multiple layers… Read more »

Cracking the code

Derek Wang explains why QR codes hold the key to access control Physical access control systems (PACS) are crucial for any organisation that wishes to secure access to its premises. While some small organisations may still opt for a traditional lock and key approach, the vast majority have decided to steer more towards keyless, contactless… Read more »

Safety first

Keeping sites safer from hostile or errant vehicles. Iain Moran discusses the importance of risk assessment and specification in protecting people and assets from hostile and errant vehicles. While weaponisation of vehicles is relatively rare, hostile vehicles can pose a significant threat to both people and assets. And terrorism is not the only risk. Thieves… Read more »

Serve and protect

Pinky Hiranandani explains why drone security remains a critical factor as the market takes-off The widespread use of drones, particularly for commercial and military use cases, has increased the associated security risk. Drones interact with their base using unencrypted communication channels, exposing the sensitive information they collect. As more drones enter both public and private… Read more »

Authenticity guaranteed

Dr Paul Dunn reflects on how holograms provide a digital and optical vision for industries in transition Protecting and authenticating security and ID documents presents challenges for holograms but the technology’s capacity to evolve and integrate in the optical and digital space reflects its continued potency in security applications. New optical and digital developments are… Read more »