Posts Categorized: October 2020

AI and the US election

Christopher Thissen considers the part that artificial intelligence played in the recent race for the Presidency This Presidential election campaign has seen myriad stories and comments published online by supporters on both sides looking to influence voters. While many were written by humans, an increasing number were generated by AI. Advances in machine learning mean… Read more »

The pandemic’s impact on defence

Matt Medley explains how the military has found the pandemic instrumental in bringing about efficient digital change Military organisations have responded to the global pandemic by cutting back on bureaucratic processes and investing more in technology to ensure that operations can continue while implementing social distance guidelines. Technology has helped organise military personnel across various… Read more »

Going solo

Craig Swallow on the challenge of managing the safety of lone workers Within any organisation, the responsibility to protect employee safety and well-being should be a given, but there are cost and productivity benefits to be realised, too. Many different types of workers will become more productive and value their employer more if improvements to… Read more »

Covid – a complex catalyst

Justin Crump highlights several knock-on effects of the global pandemic that organisations need to be ready to respond to It is a common observation that it is not the first crisis that breaks organisations, but rather the second one that provides the biggest challenge. This is a timely thought for companies already struggling to deal… Read more »

Power play

Sanjay Chhillar, Dale Geach and Chaitanya Bisale examine electrical grid modernisation and emerging cyber risks Traditional grids involving electromechanical technologies to manage predictable and unidirectional flow of electricity from big power plants to consumers have been reliable for many decades with investment in resilience focused towards large items of plant. Today, with power flows becoming… Read more »

The cyber pandemic

Etay Moor reports on the importance of defending against the advanced threat actors profiting from COVID-19 Troubled times have always created opportunities for threat actors, from common criminals to state-sponsored APT groups. With few events in living memory rivalling the upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is no surprise that cyber criminals have been out… Read more »

Optimising data security

Glenn Warwick weighs up whether an apparent obsession with compliance in the UK is having a positive or negative impact on cyber security With ever-increasing legislation governing business operations, it’s clear that organisations are shifting focus to fall in line with these standards. Ensuring compliance is no longer a ‘nice to have’, instead it’s essential… Read more »