Posts Categorized: October 2018

Compact thermal imaging

Shannon Jidas pounds the streets with East Chicago’s finest to see how thermal imaging hands control back to law enforcement officers As I snapped another picture, my ‘model’ casually mentioned that our photo backdrop was the scene of a double homicide a couple years ago. Nearby, a few ‘kids’ from the block – some of… Read more »

Protecting staff

Don Cameron reports on the importance of preparing for the unexpected and keeping employees safe in times of danger In the current global climate, we have seen an increased frequency of large-scale natural disasters and criminal activity. Such events usually come without warning and have the potential to cause harm to the safety and wellbeing… Read more »

Design and Culture

Stacey Peel reports on the untapped opportunities for aviation security Technology has been the cornerstone of mitigating security risks, particularly terrorism in the aviation industry. The X-Ray and Walk-Through Metal Detector (WTMD) are the traditional examples and drone-disabling software an example relevant to a contemporary threat. Readers will find endless material on the value (and… Read more »

The evolution of counter IED

Cindy Barfoot explores the history of bomb disposal and the long journey to the advanced techniques and technology currently used to make explosives safe Counter IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) methods and technologies were first developed on an industrial scale to support bomb disposal operations during the Northern Ireland Troubles back in the seventies. Much knowledge… Read more »

The future of public security

Martin Cronin reflects on technologies we can expect to see over the coming years to give us the advantage over terrorists If you’re a follower of security theatre, you know that the American stage in 2018 has had a compelling season so far. Police in several American cities wore riot gear while white supremacists and… Read more »

Time to react

Mike MacIntyre explains why organisations need to take a data science approach to cyber security. In revolutions, those that fail to adapt quickly tend to get left behind. Security is in the perilous position of being left behind by an accelerating and evolving digital revolution, just when it might be needed the most. This has… Read more »

Time to get smart

Andrea Sorri provides an introduction to the cities of tomorrow and wonders what it is that makes a city smart Human beings have come a long way to become the intelligent creatures we are today. The key was and still is the ability to adapt to our environment by evolving new skills and biological attributes… Read more »