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Is Cruise Ship Security Plain Sailing?

Timothy Compston finds out more about the challenges involved in protecting today’s cruise ships. Cruise ships are the giants of the ocean with the largest examples towering 16 storeys and tipping the scales at a quarter of a million tonnes, four times the size of the new aircraft carriers on order for the Royal Navy…. Read more »

Blade Runner Biometrics

Anthony Tucker-Jones reports on the implications of US plans to extend biometric security measures to everyone entering and leaving the country by 2018 Ridley Scott’s ground breaking 1982 movie Blade Runner featured a biometric security system testing emotional response in order to unmask artificial humans. Called the Voight-Kampff machine it notably included a camera that… Read more »

Latin America Threatwatch: Terrorist groups and countries facing threat

IHS Country Risk considers some of the biggest threats facing countries in the area and the terror groups responsible Venezuela The main security threat in Venezuela is rising criminality.  Domestic gangs operating in shanty towns known as Mega Bandas normally have around 50 members, and have emerged due to poor socio-economic conditions and a weak… Read more »

The evolution of Airport Security

Ian Todd focuses on the changing face of the modern airport and how improvements in security can minimise terrorist attacks This year marks the 15th anniversary of a terrible attack that shook the world and prompted an ongoing quest to make air travel safer. Since 11 September 2001 the US has spent upwards of $100… Read more »

Taking the fight to cyber criminals

Andrew Sheldon examines the challenge for providers of digital triage solutions and how they are helping to limit cyber crime The rise of cyber crime is, even in a climate of political upheaval and social realignment, still a headline grabber on a regular basis – and with the kind of statistics available, that’s hardly surprising…. Read more »

The fight back against IEDs

Tony Kingham reports on what’s being done to find hidden explosives and how detection of TATP devices is being improved It has been a long-held desire for security services worldwide to find technology that allows the detection of explosives in a non-invasive way, from a safe distance or stand-off position for vehicles, goods and baggage,… Read more »

Recruitment and radicalisation: The psychology of ISIS

Paula Mathers examines how ISIS recruits its members and what leads young, impressionable people to wage jihad Jihadi John, 7/7, 9/11 and the Boston Bombings are phrases that have become so common that even our children are aware of the meanings and the terror these events can inflict in the minds of the public. They… Read more »