Posts Categorized: Nov/Dec 2016

eLearning: Changing the security landscape

Cameron Bentley explains how eLearning is able to provide an invaluable tool for educating for the security industry On the face of it, eLearning might not seem like the most effective way of communicating potentially life-saving information – better suited to avoiding trip hazards in the office than kidnappers in Aleppo. However, it’s becoming increasingly… Read more »

Going the distance

Tony Kingham explains how forward arming and refuelling points can help helicopters travel further How to deliver people and assets as far forward in an area of operation as is physically possible is a problem that has long occupied military planners, in what in military parlance is known as “force projection”. It is a cliché,… Read more »

Verifying identity in the digital age

David Poole explores the changing face of ID verification and examines the importance of the PIN Identity and verification are two linked but subtly different concepts that in the advent of the digital age are changing and evolving to match the requirements of digital commerce. Verification is answering the question: “Is this person who they… Read more »

On alert and ready for action

Timothy Compston looks at how mass notification technologies are keeping people informed when the worst happens. When a terrorist attack strikes, or there is some sort of natural disaster, the ability to communicate in an effective and timely manner with those in harm’s way is a critical consideration. As we have seen with events in… Read more »

Middle Eastern meltdown

Anthony Tucker-Jones reports on the latest calamities facing Syria and Iraq, which has led to a growing clamour for greater international action Events in the Middle East by the end of 2016 were very much dominated by the war of the cities – most notably Aleppo in Syria and Mosul in Iraq. Both were the… Read more »

The increasing significance of radar

Mark Bown explains why Radar is becoming as important for port security as it is for navigation  The need for greater, and more effective, security at ports and harbours across the world is increasing all the time. From smuggling to trafficking to a potential terrorist attack, the fundamental problem is how to detect an illegal… Read more »