Posts Categorized: May 2023

Rapid response

Patrick Wragg reports on the importance of responding to a ransomware resurgence The intensity of the ransomware landscape has reached unprecedented levels since the turn of the decade. In 2021, we experienced a record-breaking year totalling 623.3-million ransomware attacks, an increase of 105 percent over 2020 figures.Come early 2022, however, and research shows there was… Read more »

No compromise

Paul Thompson discusses how BIM is enabling doorsets to be specified, installed and managed as a sustainable holistic solution Sustainability is critical in the built environment, not just when it comes to the construction of a building, but also its ongoing management and maintenance to reduce cost and the overall impact that it has on… Read more »

Megacity mayhem?

Jon Hill looks to the future as he explores the many security benefits provided by smart interconnected cities By 2030, it’s estimated half the world’s population will live in urban areas. There’s even projected to be 41 megacities each with over 10-million inhabitants. Our urban centres are evolving and there’s no doubt this kind of… Read more »

Are you covered?

Leyton Jefferies examines the importance of cyber insurance in the event of an attack The recent trend of insurance companies tightening their standards is a challenge for organisations. Recent research by CSI Ltd found that only two in ten (19 percent) security decision-makers are fully confident that their cyber insurance will cover their cyber risk… Read more »

Business continuity

Mat Clothier, discusses the importance of managing & configuring systems in accordance with SOC 2 Type 2 The demand for high-level security within organisations has substantially increased as the technology industry continues to expand. Despite the development of security measures within applications and systems, some of them are yet to be fully protected from viruses… Read more »

Mind the gap

Tim Wallen discusses whether or not technology can plug the cyber skills gap Enterprises looking to attract and retain cybersecurity staff have a challenge on their hands in 2023. ISC² estimates that the global cybersecurity workforce became 4.7-million strong at the end of 2022, inflating 11.1 percent with the addition of 464,000 newly employed security… Read more »

A holistic approach

Dylan Border explains why creating an organisation-wide culture of defence holds the key to strong security performance Results of a recent pwc survey reveal that 27 percent of global CFOs have experienced a data breach in the past three years, costing their organisation more than $1 million. Companies are under increased pressure to protect their… Read more »