Posts Categorized: May 2020

Facing the future

Timothy Compston considers where facial recognition is heading. When it comes to biometrics for security there is little doubt that facial recognition is now at the forefront of ‘frictionless’ ways to authenticate the identity of individuals or to identify potential security threats. The speed of change here is breath-taking with a new report from The… Read more »

Defence logistics

Graham Grose considers three developments that will shape the strategy of military forces, original equipment manufacturers and in-service support providers in 2020 In a setting where even gaining the smallest advantage can be the difference between mission success and failure, standing still has never been an option for military organisations and defence in-service support providers… Read more »

Preparing for a crisis

Gavin Wilson M.Sc underlines the importance of having pre-defined emergency and business continuity plans in the event of a crisis Explanations of crisis can often differ, although the meaning usually remains the same. A good definition that seems to have been quoted many times is suggested by Rosenthal et al (1989) as “A serious threat… Read more »

Source of the problem

Jeremy Praud explains why tightened staff screening is vital to protect UK supply chains The Coronavirus pandemic has put the food industry under huge pressure to keep the shelves stocked during this global emergency, and the experience has brought home the tacit importance of the food supply chain. This should bring into sharp relief another… Read more »

Digital documents

Ian Lancaster considers the need for caution when it comes to the digital document revolution Arevolution is underway in the secured document field. Society is migrating from using physical secured documents, such as bank notes and identity cards, to the use of smartphones and electronic payment cards for financial transactions and as carriers of our… Read more »

A safe harbour

Colin Tankard explains how encryption has become the building block for data security Encryption, whereby information is converted from a readable format into one that obscures its meaning from those without the authorisation or ability to decipher it, has long been used to protect sensitive information from prying eyes. Ever since the end of the… Read more »

GDPR two years on

Reza Nezam reflects on the changes brought about by the General Data Protection Regulations and reveals there is still much work to be done It has been two years since GDPR was introduced in the UK and the EU to give people more control over their personal data and how it is used. Any company… Read more »