Posts Categorized: May 2016

Stadium Security for the 21st Century

Paul Dodds considers the very unique challenge of providing security to huge crowds in stadiums and explains how Twickenham recently carried out an overhaul to keep its visitors safe Stadium security has dramatically evolved over the last few decades. On one hand, welcoming hundreds of thousands of visitors to a stadium, monitoring crowd behaviour and… Read more »

Architectural solutions for a safer world

Debbie Heald examines the ways in which vulnerable properties can protect their site against vehicle-borne threats without relinquishing aesthetics Unfortunately, many organisations disregard certain elements of perimeter security when embarking on a new construction project. But underestimating the importance of a comprehensive security system could be detrimental to the health and safety of the individuals… Read more »

Airport security – combating the insider threat

Timothy Compston explains why the vetting of those that work at today’s airports is high on the aviation security agenda What happened at Brussels Zaventem International Airport – two suicide bomb blasts in the departures hall of the main terminal, resulting in 11 deaths and 81 individuals injured – has certainly served as a wake-up… Read more »

Equipped to counter terror

Tony Kingham rounds up some essential innovations and initiatives being used in the fight back against terrorism The tragic events in Paris and Brussels have left the authorities across Europe desperately seeking new ways to prevent further atrocities and mitigate the casualties when the inevitable does happen. So soon after the Brussels attacks it was… Read more »

Duty of care and its relevance to today’s businesses

Andy Davis examines some of things that need to be considered when sending members of your organisation abroad Duty of Care is a term that is often used but seldom understood by many individuals and organisations, particularly those sending their workforce overseas. Either through a need to maintain a competitive edge or to explore new… Read more »

Cyber security future trends

Eric Eifert, Paul Lawson and Robert Statica outline the key trends driving developments over the next couple of years. The exponential growth of ICT integration with all aspects of our economies, governance and personal lives means that cyber security is likely to remain crucial to the resilience of the global economy in the next decade…. Read more »

Blunders in Brussels

Anthony Tucker-Jones reports on the security lapses that led to the Brussels bombings Recriminations abound that the 22 March bombings in Brussels could have been avoided. Certainly the attacks highlighted crucial failures over intelligence sharing between Belgium, Germany, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Turkey and the US. Crucially, the Belgian security services missed a series of… Read more »