Posts Categorized: March 2019

Robot arms race

Timothy Compston investigates the changing capabilities of EOD robots and their manipulator arms EOD robots have changed beyond all recognition since they were first deployed in environments like Northern Ireland during ‘the troubles’. As vendors drive ahead with plans to integrate increasingly sophisticated manipulator arms into their EOD robots and to produce more compact solutions,… Read more »

Facial recognition

Simon Hall examines why emerging technology is a good thing for policing, although it’s vital that it is closely monitored In January The Independent newspaper exclusively revealed that the Metropolitan Police had spent over £200,000 on facial recognition trials throughout the capital. According to the details obtained from the freedom of information request, the Met… Read more »

Hostile vehicle mitigation challenges

Debbie Heald MBE reveals measures that can be taken to keep the public safe from hostile vehicle attacks and ram raids Hostile vehicle attacks have become the weapon of choice over the past few years, and it is no surprise considering that it is such a swift and easy process for an individual to gain… Read more »

Terrorism in public spaces

Stephen Cooper reveals how technology is being adopted to close a critical capability gap in keeping the public safe We live in an age of surging terror risks, with UK terror investigations hitting a record high in October last year. And tragically all too often terrorist plans aren’t foiled; in 2017 alone, a huge 22,487… Read more »

Tackling ATM crime

Gavin Hepburn explains the rise of ATM attacks and examines measures that can be taken to prevent them While attacks on ATMs are nothing new, it was recently revealed that the number of incidents has nearly doubled in the space of just four years. While 400 attacks took place in the UK in 2014, this… Read more »

Data-led risk management

Clive Wright reports on the 21st-century tool for aircraft operators Aircraft operators, from the largest scheduled carriers through cargo aircraft, air ambulances to single business jet owners need a modern, effective risk management tool covering security, safety and regulatory issues. A tool that also ensures maximum efficiency and profitability for an operation. This may sound… Read more »

The dark web

Rupert Godesen reports on the Dark Web and the role it plays in terrorism communications and the spreading of information Terrorism, which the dictionary defines as “the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce especially for political reasons” has been a by-product of the way our world runs since time began. There are… Read more »