Posts Categorized: June 2020

COVID-19 and terrorism

Professor Andrew Silke assesses the short and long-term impact on security of the on-going Coronavirus As the international community continues to grabble with the COVID-19 pandemic it is clear that its economic and social impact will be deep and long lasting. Evidence suggests it is already having an impact on terrorism trends across the globe… Read more »

Beyond the visible

Veronica Sällberg explains how body worn cameras can contribute to more than just safety and security Bats use echolocation to ‘see’ in their environment – even in complete darkness. Bees are excellent at distinguishing between bright and dark and see on the ultra-violet light spectrum. Some snakes use infrared vision to improve their ability to see… Read more »

Insider threat

Mark Brace examines the importance of dealing with the potential security threat posed by disgruntled airport employees Unless your airport is located in an active conflict zone, when we discuss threats, typically we think of terrorists or other extremist/violent non-state actor (VNSA) groups. There are a multitude of methods that such hostile entities could employ,… Read more »

Combatting threat

Paul Hicks examines what can be done to protect airports from drones as well as revealing measures that can be actioned to prevent misuse Coronavirus aside, at this time of year airports would otherwise be relied upon by thousands of domestic and international passengers every day. In 2019, some of the UK’s biggest such as… Read more »

Playing catch up

Simon Hall explains why digital policing cannot be delivered until police procurement is properly sorted Community policing has changed a lot over the years. Frontline officers have effectively become the front-end of the broad range of social services available to the community. This puts tremendous strain and pressure on officers, often putting them in situations… Read more »

The weakest link?

Arun Chauhan discusses the ‘human element’ of cybersecurity and explores how you can avoid falling victim to cyber fraud. Fraud can occur in many forms within a business – from cyberattacks by third parties to misappropriation of funds by those within your business. Whatever the type of fraud, often during an investigation, it is lapses… Read more »

Time to switch

Luke Harley examines the advantages in making the move to IP: the evolution of video surveillance In today’s increasingly uncertain world, video surveillance has become essential to monitor security threats, deter theft and protect our homes, workplaces and more. The global video surveillance market is expanding so fast that according to a study carried out… Read more »