Posts Categorized: July/August 2020

Protecting the public

Chris Mason reveals the importance of improved connectivity and a reliable network to keeping people safe at large gatherings No matter the circumstance, protecting the public is the number one priority, and emergency response teams across the globe need the highest-quality equipment available to achieve optimum results. In today’s climate, much of that equipment relies… Read more »

Insecurity, accelerated

Justin Crump explains why leaders that take an intelligence-led approach to decision-making will have resilience and agility that will set them apart amid growing complexity The cycle of grief has been widely accepted to explain our natural reaction to sudden loss and uncertainty. Although there are variations, Swiss-American psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ original 1969 theory published… Read more »

The next industrial revolution

Andrea Carcano and Chris Grove examine the growing significance of cybersecurity to automated manufacturing In Germany it’s called Industry 4.0, in Japan it’s Society 5.0, while the Chinese Government has recently been talking up an economic plan called Made in China 2025. While not exactly equivalent to one another in every detail, what each of… Read more »

Fending off a security attack

Shani Latif examines the long-term damage that can be done to a business in the event of a cyber attack Almost half of UK businesses suffered a cyber security breach or attack during the past 12 months – rising to 68 percent of medium-sized firms and 75 percent of large enterprises – according to the Department… Read more »

In rude health

Philipp Pointner gives his prognosis on how the healthcare industry is having to adapt against fraud in the post-COVID-19 landscape COVID-19 has led to significant shifts in the way individuals conduct daily activities, with the health space being one of the most prominent areas experiencing radical changes. Take for example GP appointments: prior to the… Read more »

The human factor

Francois Rodriguez, Chief Growth Officer at Adeya, looks at how the biggest threat to enterprise data security comes from within, and the steps needed to combat it When it comes to data breaches, it is a case of when, not if, one will strike your organisation. No matter how much you’ve invested in your security,… Read more »

Take to the skies

David Willems reports on how drones are being used to innovate supply chain security Cargo transportation is as old as time. Throughout the centuries we have seen a wide range of freight transportation come and go, ranging from horse-drawn wagons to aeroplanes and helicopters. For many years, goods travelled to their destinations using horse drawn… Read more »