Posts Categorized: July/August 2016

Coastal Concerns

Timothy Compston takes a closer look at concerns being raised over the assets available to deal with people smuggling and other border control and security issues around Britain’s coast A number of recent incidents in and around the English Channel, in particular, serve to spotlight the fact that people smuggling isn’t just an activity focused… Read more »

Illegal drugs and security

Dr Paul Yates explains what can be done to bring illegal drug use to an end Illicit drug use, with its well-established relationship to acquisitive crime and violence, poses a variety of security challenges, particularly in homeland security, safety-critical workplaces and prisons. There is evidence that detection of illegal drug use in individuals through screening… Read more »

Combatting Euro Terror

Anthony Tucker-Jones discusses with Alexandru Niculae the role of the newly founded European Counter Terrorism Centre in The Hague After the Paris terror attacks, Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency damningly concluded “Without reliable intelligence on the intentions, activities, contacts and travels of known terrorists it is nearly impossible to exactly predict when and… Read more »

The fight back against biological terrorism

James M Benecke explores how microbial forensics is being employed to route out the source of biological terrorist attacks Most people are familiar with the cases of anthrax letters being sent through the US postal system shortly after the attacks of 11 September 2001. The investigation into those letters was code named Amerithrax and consisted… Read more »

How illegal tobacco funds terror

Thomas Lesnak explores how the illicit trade in tobacco had been used by terrorist organisations and what can be done to stop it A March sting operation in Canada resulted in the arrest of 60 people connected to a vast North American smuggling ring and the seizure of more than 1,800 pounds of cocaine, 46… Read more »

Body-worn cameras

Olena Kaplan and Saverio Romeo explore the origins and rapid growth of body-worn cameras and how they can be used to give security forces the edge A number of high-profile and countless low-profile cases of public unrest involving the behaviour of citizens and the police have triggered discussions on how to improve relationships between communities… Read more »

Is your physical security cyber secure?

Simon Gawne discusses the need for security teams to expand their remit to include cyber defence as attackers increasingly target vulnerable connected security devices For as long as security has been a professional occupation, the aim of the security director has been to guard the perimeter, identifying and expelling the dangers that threaten the business…. Read more »