Posts Categorized: January 2019

Screening for vehicles

Colin Williams explores how the mirror on a stick of old has been superseded by more effective ways to keep key facilities safe The fast, efficient, effective checking of the underside of vehicles is a requirement at many different sites, as part of the general screening process. These include sea port, airport and border installations,… Read more »

Stadium security

Simon Houlton explains the importance of ensuring your security team is up to the job, regardless of whether it’s for a pop concert or a football match Saturday 10 March 2018, The Olympic Stadium, West Ham United hosted Burnley in a Premier League match which sparked controversy and protest. Fans of the home side ran… Read more »

Extending an asset’s lifecycle

Rodney Lee explains how to breath new life into old military equipment and how organisations can keep life extension projects on schedule, within budget and meeting strict safety requirements. There is an increasing trend in military organisations to extend the lifecycle of aircraft and other equipment. Witness the US military extending the lifecycle of the… Read more »

Body worn cameras

Richie McBride explains how integrating video management systems with body worn cameras can give the advantage back to security personnel CCTV has long been relied upon for on-site security and is utilised to keep surveillance and monitoring at any location. However, limitations do exist as static CCTV cameras can only monitor a limited area, often… Read more »

Holistic security protocol

Douglas Miorandi highlights the importance of pairing physical security with cyber security to protect data from all types of attacks Edward Snowden’s name entered the cultural lexicon in 2013, after he leaked thousands of classified National Security Agency documents to journalists. He’s been variously called a traitor, a patriot, a revolutionary, a dissident and a… Read more »

Financial security breaches

Mike Smart explores the best way to tackle potential breaches in the financial industry without affecting service and security Protecting valuable and sensitive financial data and maintaining customer trust through delivery of consistent, secure service is a key goal and priority for the finance industry. Any disruption to service carries potential negative reputational and financial… Read more »

Human vs autonomous cyber defence

Paul Theron examines the importance of cyber defence specialists and why it’s vital that the shortfall is made up as soon as possible There’s an estimated shortage of 50,000 cyber defence specialists in the UK, and up to two million worldwide. In July 2018 the UK Parliament’s Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy published… Read more »