Posts Categorized: January 2017

Putting the brakes on the misuse of lorries

Timothy Compston takes to the road to find out more about the terrorist-related ramifications of trucks ending up in the wrong hands The past year has brought the security implications of trucks falling into the wrong hands to the fore. A case in point was the tragedy that unfolded In Berlin on 19 December when… Read more »

The trials of Trump

Anthony Tucker-Jones assesses the wide-ranging security challenges facing the 45th President of the United States The election of Republican Donald Trump as America’s next president has caused the world considerable upset. Most hoped that America would elect Democrat Hilary Clinton as a safer pair of hands, but ultimately his brand of nationalism had greater appeal…. Read more »

2017 Cyber crime security predictions

Morey Haber and Scott Carlson explore how changing technology will increase the threat of cyber security breaches over the coming year In what has been another story year for cyber security with high-profile incidents such as Tesco Bank and TalkTalk, the start of 2017 is a great time to look at the coming months and… Read more »

Mission critical

David Willems and Ewen Stockbridge Sime explore the growing significance of unmanned aerial vehicles in infrastructure protection and maintenance No one, let alone professionals working in the security and defence industries, needs to be reminded of the vulnerability of core national infrastructure assets. The high-profile attacks of 9/11 in New York and also the Pentagon… Read more »

An end to eavesdropping?

John Little examines the importance of TSCM and ensuring that no one else is listening into your private conversations Eavesdropping is historically a medieval term from when most dwellings were single storey, the roof rafters supported on the top of the walls, the roofing material laid on the rafters. Thus, anyone standing under the eaves… Read more »

UK security post Brexit

Helena Farrand Carrapico considers the implications for the UK’s security six months after the decision was made to leave the European Union Internal security, including the fight against terrorism and organised crime, has traditionally featured as one of the highest concerns of the British population. In April 2015 The Guardian conducted a survey, which revealed… Read more »

Remote Spectrum Surveillance and Monitoring

Paul D Turner explains why a new moving target threat model requires a modernised approach to TSCM. Software Defined Radio (SDR) permits operator-assisted TSCM inspections to be conducted based on a new moving target threat model that is specific to the operational deployment of a budget-friendly, fully featured operator assisted, or Remote Spectrum Surveillance and… Read more »