Posts Categorized: February 2020

Smart Access Solutions

LOCKEN launches first access control solution for explosive environments Access control within explosive environments must meet the requirements of health & safety regulator ATEX. The dangers of ‘explosive atmospheres’ have led to strict regulations, requiring the use of fully licensed equipment in high-risk areas. LOCKEN’s electronic access control incorporates a new contactless technology patented by… Read more »

Watching brief

Kerry Jones explains why 12-hour shift patterns have significant negative impact on CCTV operator health and effectiveness It’s not a topic that gets discussed very often, but it should be: CCTV operators in most UK monitoring centres are working long, 12-hour shifts, which can prove detrimental to their performance. This in turn reduces the effectiveness… Read more »

Strife in Northern Syria

Timothy Compston considers the security ramifications of the recent Turkish military campaign in the area Given the geopolitical and extremist forces at play in and around Syria after nine years of conflict, the situation remains in a state of flux and, as recent Turkish actions demonstrate, is apt to flare up at any time. Such… Read more »

Remote control

Paul D Turner reveals the significance of Remote Spectrum Surveillance and Monitoring in part two of his TSCM series There is a relatively simple answer to dramatically improving both the Probability of Detection (POD) and the Probability of Intercept (POI) from a TSCM perspective. What you don’t know; you don’t know and therefore, you cannot… Read more »

Watch the skies

Paul Hicks explains what can be done to protect authorities – and the public – from the risk of drone attacks on the UK’s critical national infrastructure Imagine a Britain with no gas, electricity, water or other vital services – where modern life as we know it grinds to a halt. Sounds like an apocalyptic… Read more »

Limiting risk

Phil Beecher explains what can be done to mitigate the security risks as smart cities grow As the development of smart cities continues to accelerate, security has become an important part of the discussion, especially as more and more Internet of Things devices connect to the network. The Mirai botnet showed us just how exposed… Read more »

Cut through the noise

John Gilbert reports on the importance of reducing the vulnerability of organisations to cyber crime and fraud Cyber crime and fraud are a growing threat to UK organisations. According to figures published by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), 32 percent of businesses have suffered at least one cyber attack or breach… Read more »

Big data protection

Fouad Khalil reports of the varied difficulties of keeping up with changing data regulations around the world For decades the personal information of individuals has largely been treated as a commodity to be harvested, bought and sold like any other resource. The trend accelerated as we entered the digital era, with the vogue for big… Read more »