Posts Categorized: February 2019

Drone danger

Timothy Compston navigates his way through the latest solutions to clip the wings of hazardous drones following recent events at Gatwick airport The security and safety risks that commercially available drone systems or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) represent in the wrong hands has been brought into sharp relief, thanks to a series of well reported… Read more »

Time for change

Simon Hall examines the Home Affairs Select Committee findings that police IT is a “complete and utter mess” and wonders what can be done In October 2018 the Home Affairs Select Committee published a scathing report into the state of UK policing. The wide-ranging Policing For The Future found that forces were struggling to cope… Read more »

Not just a game

Colin Fernandes reveals the importance of protecting sensitive data and what gaming companies can do to play their part When you mention the words, “data security,” what mental picture do you get? Most people think about media representations of hackers in black hoodies, surrounded by Matrix-style green numbers. Others immediately think of banks or other… Read more »

Safetyflex wins in Australia

Leading British manufacturer of innovative anti-terrorism measures is recognised by the Australian security industry Safetyflex Barriers, a world leader in hostile vehicle mitigation crash-rated bollards and crash fences, has received the ‘Product of the Year’ award at the Australian Security Industry Awards for its innovative 9-40 Truckstopper Bollard. The company is now the leading anti-terrorist… Read more »

Challenges to corporate security

Richard J Chasdi, Ph.D. explores the potential consequences of intensive globalisation and political threat for terrorist organisations Terrorist threat to business interests is not new; the murders by the Baader Meinhof gang of German industrialist Hans Martin Schyler in 1977 and Alfred Herrhauseen, Deutsche Bank Chairman in 1989 and the kidnapping of Doctor Rudolf Cordes… Read more »

Going solo

Don Cameron explains how lone worker solutions have the potential to save taxpayers as much as £60 million a year Lone working has become common practice in the UK, with an estimated 8 million lone workers performing tasks away from colleagues and close or direct supervision (BSIA). As the legal responsibility for protecting employees tightens… Read more »

Blast and ballistic protection

Steve Moody says its time to take advantage of new developments to protect and prevent security threats from terrorists around the world The sheer pace of change in the security industry has arguably never been as rampant as it is today. Digital innovation and the availability of sophisticated technology off the shelf has meant that… Read more »

Watching brief

Ola Lennartsson examines why the cyber security of network cameras is becoming a growing concern and measures that can be taken to protect your system The increasing availability and adoption of connected devices offers many possibilities for the security industry. Network cameras not only collect footage, but also analyse what they see and send instructions… Read more »