Posts Categorized: February 2018

Robots for port and maritime security

Timothy Compston goes underwater to find out more about the autonomous and remotely operated vehicles being deployed to secure our ports and the wider maritime environment The realisation that there is an ongoing threat from terrorists to ports and shipping is nothing new. In his book Cruising For Trouble commander Mark Gaouette, now a maritime… Read more »

Facing the future

Marie Clutterbuck reveals how our faces could hold the key to security in smart cities of the future The Cities in Motion Index, prepared by the IESE Center for Globalization and Strategy, released its fourth edition in 2017. The index analyses 79 indicators across 10 dimensions of urban life to ascertain which are the ‘smartest’… Read more »

Throwing the net wider to protect the core

Steve Bailes reveals that while the ability to construct more and more impregnable physical fence lines is important, comprehensive security is best achieved by the clever integration of all technologies The day after the recent Intersec show closed, samples of our fencing systems were ‘attacked’ in the presence of potential clients and accreditors in the… Read more »

Protecting the public

Gavin Hepburn explores what’s being done to reduce panic and keep people safe in the event of a terror attack Over the past two years, Western civilisation has been hit by a series of tragic terror attacks. We have seen attacks hit France, Germany, Spain, the US and even at home in the UK. In… Read more »

Threatwatch Africa

Matthew Henman and Verner Ayukegba reveal the region’s hotspots and terrorist threats Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is a militant Sunni Islamist group that was founded in Algeria, but operates throughout North Africa and the Sahel as al-Qaeda’s regional affiliate. While its original objective of overthrowing the Algerian… Read more »

A question of trust

Salvatore Sinno examines the changing face of biometrics in the light of the upcoming GDPR For yet another year, 2017 saw “123456” and “password” being among the most popular passwords adopted by users.  While some of this can be attributed to end-user security reticence and general lack of awareness, a lot of this is down… Read more »

Cyber security teamwork

Keiron Dalton explains how greater collaboration between banks and authorities is crucial to winning the cyber security battle It goes without saying that cyber security is one of the great technological challenges of our time. Cyber fraud has become a lucrative global business for those perpetrating the attacks, and businesses face a constant struggle to… Read more »