Posts Categorized: April 2022

Ready for anything

Matt Medley reveals why 2022 is set to become the year of the Integrated Data Environment – providing the digital thread to underpin defence logistics and support While the utilisation of software by militaries to manage IT infrastructure and mission-critical weapons systems has been quickly advancing, analysis, data collection and execution is yet to make… Read more »

The future of HVM

Roger Knight examines the importance of getting the balance between protection and aesthetics right Unfortunately, it is a reality that Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) systems are required to protect the public against both accidental and intentional vehicle collisions. However, this does not need to be at the expense of the aesthetics of the public realm…. Read more »

Opening doors

Steve Wintle reports on mobile credentials and how they are revolutionising access control for a digital world The world is adopting new technologies at an astounding rate, and as a society we are becoming more reliant on digital devices. When it comes to managing access control, mobile credentials are similarly gaining popularity across a wide… Read more »

Jamming and spoofing

Maria Simsky explains why secure GPS receivers are crucial for GNSS/INS systems With the growth of automation and robotisation in many industries, from agriculture and delivery drones to self-driving cars, the demand for accurate and affordable navigation is on the rise. When selecting a GPS/GNSS (Global positioning system/Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver it is crucial… Read more »

Covid-19 fraudsters

Dr Gareth Owenson reports on the rise of fake vaccine cards on the Dark Web While political and social debate caused by the proposed use of COVID Vaccine Cards (CVCs) raged across traditional and social media platforms, underground networks of cybercriminals found new ways to exploit public fear and unease for financial and strategic gain.This… Read more »

Risk and compliance

Simon Whitburn explores the current Legal GRC landscape and reveals how failing to plan for legal GRC could increase risk levels for your organisation Governance risk and compliance (GRC) is a vital cog in the machine of any successful business today. Its rise can be attributed to the mid-Noughties when several accounting scandals at various… Read more »

Lessons learned

Bernard Montel looks back at 2021: a year of turbulence in cyber risk – from lockdown to Log4Shell Last year ended as abruptly as it started: January saw a surprise lockdown and return to remote working, bringing added risks in cybersecurity. Businesses readopted with fervour the cloud systems that had seen them through 2020, while… Read more »

Identify yourself

Joseph Carson reveals why organisations need to embrace identity as the future perimeter The world of work has long been a place as much as a function. Technical limitations meant that workers needed to be onsite to access resources. Even as technology advanced, tradition held. Consequently, network security has historically been concentrated on specific workplaces… Read more »