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Going nuclear for civil defence

Timothy Compston reports on why nuclear-related civil defence is high on the agenda after years in the shadows When it comes to civil defence – or the lack of it – across the UK, Europe and beyond, the question is being asked: with much of the infrastructure associated with the Cold War sold off, dismantled… Read more »

Seeing more

Martin Jensen explains how thermal imaging has evolved to become a highly versatile tool for the security world In this article, I will be exploring some of the many ways thermal imaging is being used today, alongside some exciting new applications of the technology that will be adopted more widely in the future. Before getting… Read more »

Look to the skies

Elsbeth Heinzelmann explains how the Bern University of Applied Sciences has developed an algorithm to stop drones in their tracks Drones are opening up hitherto unimagined prospects. Originally developed for combat and military surveillance purposes, they are being increasingly used in civilian applications. But in 2015, a quadrocopter spooked security forces by crashing in front… Read more »

Threatwatch East Asia

GROUPS Matthew Henman, head of Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgence Centre, IHS Markit ASG The Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) is a Sunni Islamist militant organisation based and operating in the Southern Philippines off the island of Mindanao, primarily on the islands of Basilan and Jolo in the Sulu archipelago. ASG militants sometimes operate in mainland Mindanao,… Read more »

The future of policing

Rupert Godesen explains how the police might benefit from help from a private and more localised force Tuesday the 27 February and I am sitting at my desk pondering a way to start my article on the future of public policing. I take a quick look at the BBC News website and there is my… Read more »

Know the threat

Anthony Tucker-Jones talks to Pete Lawrence, Managing Director of Frontier Risks, about training for hostile zones and the recent chemical attack in Salisbury Personal security continues to be a considerable market, thanks to the threats posed globally by criminal activity and international terrorism. Some countries and maritime regions have become particularly hostile environments to work… Read more »

Spy Wars

Tony Kingham reports on the fight back against espionage On almost any given day it is easy to find a story in the press reporting various types of cyber crime, cyber espionage or even cyber warfare. Whether it is a criminally inspired attack like the WannaCry ransomware attack in May 2017 – which targeted computers… Read more »