Monthly Archives: May 2023

Red alert!

Lorenzo Marchetti throws a spotlight on essential citizen safety practices as the new UK public alerting system swings into action Threats to public safety can come in many different guises, from extreme weather events such as hurricanes and fires and public health incidents, through to terrorist attacks, civil unrest and more. It is always a… Read more »

Calculated risk?

Barry Scott Zellen examines, following Turkey and Hungary’s consent, the approval by all NATO member states of Finland’s NATO accession On 30 March, the Turkish parliament ratified Finland’s application to join NATO, taking down the final roadblock hindering Finland’s much delayed accession into the expanded Atlantic alliance just two days after the Hungarian parliament did… Read more »

Embracing change

The importance of Access Control for security Through its thirty-plus-year history, the access control industry has quietly plodded along, out of the spotlight of change and transformation, doing what it has always been asked to: keep bad people out and lock and unlock. Overall, it has delivered on that task. To many in the industry,… Read more »

Information warfare

Jorge Marinho addresses various aspects related to influence operations, such as targets, social and individual resilience, ontological security and (counter) intelligence This article addresses various aspects related to influence operations, such as targets, social and individual resilience, ontological security and (counter) intelligence. The internet and Artificial Intelligence, as well as a few aspects with regard to… Read more »

Redressing the balance

intersec invites a selection of women involved in cyber security to explain how the industry is evolving International Women’s Day always prompts introspection about the role of women in society, how things have changed, and what more needs to be done to further equality. This is especially true in cybersecurity, where women are still underrepresented…. Read more »


Rani Osnat discusses 10 of the cloud security trends that organisations are likely to face in the continually evolving cyber security landscape As anyone involved with cyber security knows, it is a constant game of high stakes cat-and-mouse. Every year new attacks emerge, while new security solutions are created, and old security fixes are upgraded…. Read more »

Protect your weak spots

Paul Baird provides essential advice on the best way to link your operational and IT security together IT security is big business. Gartner predicts that spending on information security products and services will grow by 11.3 percent in 2023, reaching more than $188.3-billion globally. But while the approaches around IT devices, cloud computing services and… Read more »