Monthly Archives: April 2023

Eyes in the skies

Matthew Borie explores the significance of the US shooting down a Chinese ‘spy balloon’ High-altitude balloon (HABs) have many civilian uses outside of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, and are commonly used for scientific research and imagery collection, typically flying at altitudes of FL600-FL999. China has historically utilised HABs in legitimate civilian applications, as well… Read more »

Anyone home?

Julian Free explains why vacant property management calls for a layered approach The Bank of England recently predicted that the UK’s current economic downturn will be the longest on record, resulting in a slowdown of UK construction and commercial activities. This news is expected to further drive up the number of vacant commercial properties in… Read more »

Pilot Mass-Murder Suicides

Brian Michael Jenkins and Bruce Butterworth report on airliner sabotage by pilot murder-suicide and explain why, though rare, they are events not without precedent Just over one year on from the tragedy that saw China Eastern Flight 5735 inexplicably crash, there is still no formal report from the investigating authorities as to the cause of… Read more »

A missed opportunity

Eddie Bejarano explains why in Peru, old wounds are likely to remain open Images of civil unrest have emanated from Peru since the arrest of then-President Pedro Castillo on 7 December in Lima. These have ranged from peaceful protests to violent demonstrations that have caused civilian deaths. For many onlookers, it would appear that Peru… Read more »

Worst-case scenario

Rupert Godesen imagines the unimaginable as he explains what will happen in the event of a nuclear attack It’s December 25th and I’m unwrapping a Christmas present from my Mum. It’s book-shaped, so I take a deep breath and prepare my face to try not to look too disappointed, for what was inevitably going to… Read more »

First line of defence

William ‘Hutch’ Hutchison unpacks the biggest cybersecurity challenges facing operational technology and explains why mil-spec cyber-preparedness can stand companies apart in the face of cyber threats From an issue swept under institutional carpets, to a central risk mitigation tool upending the priorities of large organisations, cybersecurity has become the new battleground for businesses in 2023…. Read more »

Close quarters

Bernardo Chernitzky explains the benefits of utilising executive protection services for SME business travel For many businesses travel is central to the success and growth of their operation, be that as a way to meet clients, to negotiate with vendors or to expand into new markets. Of course, it also comes with a broad range… Read more »