Posts Categorized: September 2018

Danger for the Irish border

Timothy Compston looks at the potential security ramifications of changes to the management of the Irish border post Brexit. The high level of uncertainty that still surrounds the shape of the relationship between the UK and the EU as Brexit looms on the horizon is certainly troubling. This was underscored recently when the UK government’s… Read more »

Security in schools

Cris Francis examines what can be done to the perimeter of educational establishments to ensure the continued safety of those that study there Every day, over 30,000 schools across the UK become second homes to more than 10 million children. Within these learning institutions, young minds are developed, moulded and inspired. The trust that parents… Read more »

Reshaping border operations

Stuart Large explains how emerging digital technologies are giving the edge Imagine a world in which people can travel effortlessly between countries and states. One in which physical barriers are a thing of the past. Where security is delivered by technology – passports with biometric chips and borderlines that are protected by intelligent fibre optic… Read more »

Seeing the invisible

Dr Arnab Basu explains how radiation detection technology is keeping us safe from conventional and radiological weapons The power to see the invisible was once limited to the realms of mystics and weird fiction, but today it is a reality. The technology that allows us to see what is hidden gives us a powerful weapon… Read more »

Privilegded access management

Dave Adamson reports on security from within and what’s required to take the next great cyber-security step  In today’s age of technology pervasion, news headlines are rife with stories of data breaches, the actions of opportunistic cyber criminals and the financial implications of poor security hygiene. The threat landscape is constantly getting wider and the… Read more »

Festival security

Simon Houlton investigates whether or not enough is being done to keep revellers safe The music festival season is in full swing. People of all ages and backgrounds are losing themselves and dancing away to their favourite acts, part of an alcohol-fuelled crowd. As organisers juggle putting on a good show while ensuring the audience… Read more »

Integrated security

Ian Robinson thinks we’ve been talking for too long about integrating security and that it’s now time to implement it There was a definite shift at this year’s IFSEC event, moving from purely physical-based security to an integrated event, incorporating the latest in cyber defence technologies and showcasing how digital and physical security can be… Read more »

Security matters

Philip Ingram MBE outlines the importance of keeping up with the changing face of security We have been lucky in 2018 after the terror that tore across Europe and the UK in 2016-2017 with vehicle, knife and bomb attacks happening in Nice, London Bridge, Westminster, Manchester and Barcelona. These are just a few of the… Read more »