Posts Categorized: September 2017

It’s Good To Talk

Håkan Hansson explains how security guard call outs can be reduced by adding network audio to video surveillance Security guards are highly trained professionals with the lightning reflexes and skills to diffuse potentially dangerous situations. However, at times, it can be a fairly tedious job – standing in a single location just in case something… Read more »

Soft Targets

Lina Kolesnikova examines the increasing challenges being faced by soft targets and what can be done to keep them safe Soft targets are understood as being those that have no state, military, security or political affiliation. They are often symbolic and can include public, commercial and business targets, such as shopping centres, stock exchanges, trade… Read more »

Data Protection

Salvatore Sinno examines how public distrust in personal data use is stunting the Internet of Things market potential in UK The increasing variety of connected devices that people own and regularly interact with nowadays, is taking cyber security as well as its vulnerabilities into a whole new world of opportunity. The cyber threat landscape is… Read more »

UK Security Expo 2017 Preview

UK Security Minister, Ben Wallace MP confirmed to speak at UK Security Expo 2017 Following on from the success of the 2016 agenda, this year’s UK Security Expo will feature an extended educational programme with conferences, technology workshops and live demonstrations covering the entire breadth of the security and counter terror sector. Key themes to… Read more »

Women in security

Paula Mathers examines the apparent shortage of women in the security industry Within the security industry it is common knowledge that female security officers are few and far between. The Office of National Statistics reports that female students obtain higher GCSE and degree results than male students – which could mean that women are more… Read more »

Internet Warzone

Anthony Tucker-Jones talks to Ian Goslin Managing Director, Airbus CyberSecurity, UK about the mounting cyber threats to NATO ATJ: Ian please very briefly tell our readers about your role with Airbus and your background. IG: I joined Airbus in 2012 and now head up the UK arm of Airbus CyberSecurity. Before that, I served in… Read more »

Importance of not oversharing

James Howell explains the importance of getting your company’s internet security in order before the upcoming GDPR law changes Working with third parties is part of everyday business, whether it be large-scale outsourcing, working closely with suppliers or simply using a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. But third-party relationships increase the complexity of data… Read more »

Body Shots

Richie McBride explains how the growth of body worn cameras in UK prisons has benefited both prison officers and prisoners alike Each year there are nearly 6000 reported incidents of assaults on prison officers within English and Welsh prisons, 700 of which resulted in serious injury last year. With figures of incidents rising by a… Read more »