Posts Categorized: September 2016

Brexit batters Europe

Anthony Tucker-Jones takes a close look at the defence and security implications of the UK’s historic Brexit decision A month does not go by without there being a militant Islamic-inspired terrorist outrage somewhere in the world. A spate of attacks on public spaces, especially transport hubs, has hammered home the dire need for ever greater… Read more »

Why mobile security matters

Simon Cairns outlines the growing threat to mobile security and the increasing importance of phone encryption Over the last few years we have seen the development of the smartphone and its capabilities within the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) world. Now most smartphones carry all of our data, both private and business, and increasingly include personal information including… Read more »

Lost and found

Colin Dale, explores personal tracking solutions and their place in the larger counter terrorism and high-level security picture When incidents of terrorism and kidnap meet sophisticated GPS-based personal tracking solutions on smartphones or satellite phones, a diverse range of information is collected remotely by security centres and shared with emergency and other services, including police… Read more »

Lighter than air security

Timothy Compston finds out why aerostats are making their presence felt in the on-going battle to secure borders and fight back against drug smugglers Although drones remain very much in the news, aerostats are one family of aerial systems that have much to commend them and are taking off like never before, thanks to a… Read more »

VIP Protection

Jason Donaldson, former Platoon Sergeant and Founder of Equilibrium Risk, discusses the skills required to become a successful close protection officer and the adverse situations to be prepared for In order to become a highly effective VIP or close protection officer (CPO), an individual must be professional, discreet, client-focussed, adaptable and media focussed. A close… Read more »

Securing public spaces

Tony Kingham explores what can be done to make public spaces more secure from terrorist attacks The flurry of terrorist attacks around Europe in recent months is worrying, but perhaps one appalling atrocity in particular should have the authorities more concerned than others. It was not just the terrible loss of life and the targeting… Read more »

Graph Database holds the key to security

Emil Eifrem explains how database technology that is being adopted by the corporate world can help the Government make sense of its data to help create a safer society Big data is a big opportunity for the Government, but it does not come without its security challenges as its volume grows at an exponential rate…. Read more »