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Why terrorise transport?

Dr Dave Sloggett tells Robert de la Poer why transport networks remain such tempting targets for terrorists   RP: Why do you think transport infrastructure presents such an attractive target for terrorists? There are softer targets that could prove more deadly and more symbolic… DS: There are several reasons why terrorists think of transport nodes… Read more »

Protecting the pumps

Oil and gas facilities provide tempting targets for terrorists or saboteurs. Tom Frame explains how the latest IP video security systems can help protect vulnerable and isolated facilities   Organisations within the oil and gas sector face a number of unique challenges that may seem to be easily addressed by IP video security systems –… Read more »

High profile screening – Part 2

In response to Ian Hutcheson’s comments in the July/August issue, Colin Meads argues that airline passenger profiling and opt-in membership schemes are inappropriate and unworkable   The article “High Profile Screening” in intersec’s July/August issue, and Simon Calder’s subsequent article in the The Independent on 3 September, on air passenger profiling opens an interesting debate…. Read more »

Not so special?

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