Posts Categorized: October 2021

The rise of UAVs

Richard Hjelmberg examines the part that unmanned aerial vehicles now play in the emergency and security services Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are increasing in popularity across both military and civilian domains as organisations realise the benefits they can bring to a mission. A growing interest in their application is within… Read more »

Homegrown terrorism

Jytte Klausen examines what sort of people are driven to acts of extremism and why The concept of ‘homegrown’ terrorism was born in the aftermath of the 2005 London Underground attacks and gained prominence as more terrorist incidents committed by European and North American militants in the name of the movement Bin Laden started in… Read more »

Go forth and prosper

Shahzad Ali explains how to get into and advance in the security industry This year has been truly devastating for the security industry, with statistics revealing security workers saw the highest number of deaths in the UK per 100,000 from COVID-19 in 2020. Security workers risk their lives every day to ensure the public is… Read more »

The X factor

Jason Wakefield reveals the benefits to streamlining X-ray scanner compliance When choosing a preventive maintenance contract for your X-ray scanner it’s easy to just sign up with the system manufacturer without too much thought. The time and effort invested into choosing the equipment in the first place was demanding, so why bother putting more time… Read more »

On the edge

Andrea Sorri reveals how edge analytics can be used to enhance safety and security You’ll have no doubt heard the term ‘edge computing’ (and possibly alongside it, edge analytics) and as processing power in end devices grows, so does the number of applications – especially in large-scale connected environments like smart cities.As billions of devices… Read more »

False positives

Chuck Everette explains how automation can resolve the drain on cyber security teams One of the biggest challenges in cyber security is the sheer scale of the task. Modern IT networks are highly complex, combining hundreds of components that constantly interact in different ways. This provides threat actors with a large attack surface and myriad… Read more »

Indicators of behaviour

Sam Curry and Anthony Freed offer up an orthogonal approach to early attack detection Despite all of the tremendous progress the security industry has made over the last 30-plus years, actually solving one critical problem seems to remain as elusive as ever: how do we detect and stop advanced attacks before they escalate to full-scale… Read more »