Posts Categorized: October 2019

Space wars

Timothy Compston looks to the heavens to see how geopolitical rivalries on Earth are leading to rising tensions in space With France announcing a new space force – including plans to launch satellites equipped with lasers and guns by 2030; President Trump looking to ramp-up the US military’s space capabilities and countries like China, Russia… Read more »

Red alert

Javier Colado explains why as national safety risks rise, public alerting becomes more urgent In the corporate sector, organisations take their duty of care to their employees seriously. It is important to them that safety procedures are in place to protect staff, even though duty of care is not an actual legal obligation. What is… Read more »

Protection from the skies

Drone Guard reveals what can be done to keep our skies safe as the number of drones is expected to reach 100-million by 2020 Since their appearance in the late 2000s multi-rotor drones have taken the world by surprise. Unlike unmanned aerial systems (UAS) pursued by the world’s military forces under military research, development and… Read more »

Deterring the threat

Patrick Kennedy wonders how do we go about securing critical infrastructure as it embraces the digital age? Until very recently, protecting critical national infrastructure was an entirely physical affair. Thick walls, sturdy fences and in some cases armed personnel were the key to protecting energy, transportation and water infrastructure from potential threats. This status quo… Read more »

A missed opportunity

Barry Scott Zellen reveals how China ceded its claims to what is now the Russian Far East, leaving Japan as Asia’s pre-eminent near-Arctic state Much attention has been devoted to China’s recently articulated Arctic ambitions, particularly since Beijing’s white paper on Arctic policy was released on 26 January, 2018, which asserted that: “China is an… Read more »

Securing the skies

Lucas Young discusses how innovative new technology can effectively protect an airport from perimeter to plane There are few that take security as seriously as airport operators. Safely managing the movement of thousands of people daily onto a highly sophisticated, yet potentially vulnerable form of transport, requires more cutting-edge technology than ever to ensure it… Read more »

Preparing for Dubai Expo 2020

Lee Copland Managing Director Maxxess EMEA, examines the more ambitious approach to tech being adopted If Dubai succeeds in its ambition to attract 25 million visitors for next year’s Expo 2020, then its already highly developed hotel sector will play a key role. World Expos are now held every five years and are, of course,… Read more »

Prison security

Richie McBride examines the rise of body-worn cameras modernising prison security across the UK Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) are well suited to high-security environments. Edesix VideoBadges have been present in UK prisons since 2015, and have been proven to make prisons safer places for both guards and prisoners. Deterrent, de-escalations and gaining prosecution evidence when… Read more »