Posts Categorized: October 2017

Faking it

Timothy Compston investigates why it is that fake news is so high on the agenda. The term ‘fake news’ is much in evidence these days especially in the accusations levelled by US President Trump at the mainstream media on an almost daily basis. According to CBS News, the President has tweeted about fake news more… Read more »

Fighting back

Yedidya Moy explains how a complete X-ray lab that fits into a small bag is giving security forces the cutting edge In the past, the ability to pull out an entire portable X-Ray system from a small bag was considered a fantasy, but today due to developments in technology this dream has finally become a… Read more »

Time for change

James Wickes reveals how the GDPR can help to transform our use of visual data Any mention of CCTV surveillance is likely to call up images of grainy video footage being used to spot law breaking or suspect behaviour in public spaces and business premises. And indeed, some of the UK’s cameras do exist purely… Read more »

CIVSEC 2018: Rise of the cities

The CIVSEC 2018 Congress is Australia’s first major conference and industry exposition to address the full spectrum of national security threats. These are not military threats: rather, they range from natural disasters through organised crime to acts of terrorism by non-state players who take the low road, through a vulnerable civilian population, towards their goals…. Read more »

Will the robots win?

Paula Mathers considers the impact of the growing trend for using AI as our workforce As a society, we seem to want things at the touch of a button, from our smartphones and without having to see an actual person. We can arrange loans, overdrafts and mortgages using our mobile phones and tablets, we can… Read more »

Held to ransom

Tony Rowan uncovers the psychology behind hackers and ransomware While ransomware has been around for decades, in 2017 we’ve seen an unprecedented gear change in terms of the scale, severity and impact to businesses of these attacks. Organisations across the globe are continuing to count the cost of the fall out of May’s WannaCry, the… Read more »

The growing threat of laptop bombs

Liron Naor consider what aviation security measures can be put in place to keep travellers safe from IEDs Back in March the aviation industry was hit by yet another blow when UK and US Governments banned laptops and other large electronic devices from being taken as hand luggage on flights. The reason given was that… Read more »

Secrets to security success

Cristian Bojinca reveals the key skills required by the IT industry to ensure a robust infrastructure The security architect job is a well-established role in the IT industry. Security architects normally focus on the measures that are required to protect the enterprise from threats by securing the corporate networks and their core systems but also… Read more »