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Robocop of today

Sharon Dagan, examines how current technology is being used by police forces across the world to gain the advantage The modern day criminal is far removed from an eighteenth century Dick Turpin; the criminal of today has evolved almost beyond recognition and is increasingly tech savvy. This has meant that law enforcement officers have needed… Read more »

Saudi’s proxy war

Anthony Tucker-Jones reports on the security implications of growing international intervention in Yemen   Since the launching of Saudi Arabia’s proxy war in Yemen earlier this year, the Saudis face a mounting financial and leadership crisis. Many hold 30-year-old Saudi Defence Minister, Mohammed bin Salman, responsible for Riyadh’s costly and futile military adventure in its… Read more »

Stopping the flow of heroin into the EU

Tony Kingham reports on growing EU concern about drug smuggling and what can be done to combat the problem   In 2010, the European Union established a multi-annual policy cycle. Its aim was to ensure that in the fight against serious international and organised crime there is effective cooperation between Member States law enforcement agencies,… Read more »

Using technology to tackle human trafficking

Paul Stokes discusses the role that technology can play in the fight against human trafficking.   The problem of human trafficking is not simply a European issue, it is a global crisis. This is due to the globalisation of the world economy which has increased the movement of people across borders, legally and illegally, especially… Read more »

The Economics of terror

Timothy Compston takes a closer look at the way Islamic State – arguably the World’s richest and most extreme terrorist group – is funded.   As attention is given to the barbaric acts of IS – and the huge swathes of territory stretching across Iraq and Syria now under its direct control – a crucial… Read more »

2016 THREAT WATCH: Risk Hotspots In Sub-Saharan Africa

Natznet Tesfay, elevates future threats that lie ahead   Nigeria The terrorist threat posed by Boko Haram has reduced dramatically since the start of a concerted effort in February 2015 by Nigerian forces in collaboration with neighbouring countries to recover large areas of territory held by the Islamist militants. Despite a renewed campaign of improvised… Read more »

2016 THREAT WATCH: Civil Unrest Outlook For Asian Pacific

Omar Hamid, considers what the future holds for countries in the APAC region   Bangladesh The Awami League (AL) retained power in the 2014 election, but the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)-led opposition boycott meant that the result was a foregone conclusion. The boycott stemmed from the AL’s refusal to accept the BNP’s demand for a… Read more »

2016 THREAT WATCH: Terrorist Group Outlook

Matthew Henman, considers the recent actions of some of the major terrorist groups over the last few months   Islamic State In the three months between 1 July and 30 September 2015, IHS Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre (JTIC) recorded a total of 1,086 attacks by the Islamic State worldwide from open sources. This represented… Read more »