Posts Categorized: Nov/December 2021

The return of al-Qaeda?

Henry Wilkinson reports on Afghanistan and the future state of global jihad The Taliban’s seizure of power in Afghanistan ahead of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 prompted intense debate about the global jihadist threat. And it has raised many questions about the impact of the US withdrawal from a region that remains heavily affected by… Read more »

Cognitive electronic warfare

Dr. Karen Zita Haigh and Julia Andrusenko outline the opportunities to use AI in electronic warfare The challenges of modern Electronic Warfare (EW) are beyond the ability of traditional approaches to solve. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence techniques into EW systems is the only way to manage the complexity of this problem domain and its rapid timescales…. Read more »

Chemistry lesson

Tony Kingham examines the evolving threat from chemical weapons and reveals how we are fighting back Chemical weapons are nothing new. The earliest recorded use of gas warfare in Europe dates back to the fifth century BC, during the Peloponnesian War. Spartan forces besieging an Athenian city placed a lighted mixture of wood, pitch and… Read more »

Student safety

Alex Holmström reports on the future of school security: cloud-based access control Access to safe education is a vital part of life and one of society’s most basic needs. Since the lives of so many people rely upon school buildings, maintaining security in facilities is of the utmost importance to staff, students and parents. Sadly,… Read more »

Keep them out

Peter Jackson reports on the importance of organising durable solutions to refine the security of transport infrastructure Now that Covid restrictions have largely been lifted, pressure on road networks and public transport has increased again, causing Government officials to rethink development strategies for our transport infrastructure. Back in March 2021, the Build Back Better: Our… Read more »

The next normal

David Cummins reveals the many threats that lay ahead in the new frontier for cybersecurity The COVID-19 pandemic affected every aspect of society, touching our personal and professional lives in ways few had seen before. As employers and employees were forced into their homes for months on end, communicating from behind closed doors and over… Read more »

Digital trust

Michael Bonaventura explains why digital fraud is on theincrease and what can be done to prevent it It’s a sobering thought that spending on eCommerce sites in 2021 will be around $5 trillion. More broadly, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the intergovernmental organisation tasked with developing policies to combat money laundering, estimates 60 percent… Read more »